OB oncologist appt

My ob’s office called today saying the first ob oncologist Dr. T wanted me to see was book a month out, and Dr. T doesn’t want to wait that long. So they set-up an appt with another ob oncologist for Monday August 25th at 2:30 pm.

So Monday at 2:30 I will have another colopscopy, Dr. T wants to see me for a follow-up appt that is not schedule yet. I have a follow-up with Dr. T’s partner on Friday 8/29 for the fetal heart echo. I kind of wonder if maybe they could combine these appointments.

The bleeding isn’t too bad, I haven’t had any cramping, so hopefully it’ll end soon.

I taught had 1st grade in the library today, and a little girl asked if I was having a baby. So apparently I’m showing enough for 1st graders to notice. But I’m fairly certain their filter level is super low. Normal filtered people are probably not to the point that they assume I’m pregnant, ya know cause I could just be fat.


4 thoughts on “OB oncologist appt

  1. Your WAY too hard on yourself. I personally think you have looked pregnant for weeks now if not months. Most anyone who has been pregnant or notices pregnancy I am sure would attest to that. Give your self esteem a break love, your body is carrying life and it shows.

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