Bleeding cervix

Just thought I’d pop in and give you an update. Oh crap, I need to take a bump pic today as well.

Any who, I am 21 weeks pregnant with sweet baby boy Calvin. My cervix is still bleeding. I had two days of just brownish to normal cervical mucuous, but then (TMI) I had a BM and started gushing blood. It in two days, in time for another BM(this morning) where I started gushing blood again.

This leads me to believe that if bearing down to pass a normal non constipated poop causes this much bleeding, bearing down to push a Calvin sized baby out of my cervix is not a good idea either.

Our small groups knows about the bleeding, as do both sets of parents. But the new bleeding is exacerbated by bearing down, I haven’t shared with any of them. Yesterday, I visited my parents house like I do almost every Friday afternoon(my dad has half days, and my younger brother isn’t working, so at that visit I can see 5/8 family members, which is pretty good) and told him about Dr.T and her wanting us to consider having a csection. He informed me if she was persistent, I could go to another doctor. I just said that we’re absolutely considering it and if its what we need to do to keep everyone safe, that’s what we’ll do. I imagine if I had informed him of the cervix explodes when I bear down, he’d understand more, but its weird to talk to your dad about your bleeding cervix. Lol.

Joseph felt Calvin move this week for sure, we think he felt him last week, but it was only once, this week he’s felt him several times. Calvin actually woke me up this morning, well Calvin moving and my extreme hunger.

Also at my parents house on Friday my dad said they’re going to have to figure out a new family dinner arrangement. Currently we have big family dinners at least every holiday and whenever my little sister comes in town from college. There are 7 original family members, three significant others, our neighbor, my sweet niece Charlie, and soon to be Calvin. But my dad was saying, it was crammed with the 8(7 original + Joseph) since then we’ve added a folding card table on the end of the long table to accommodate the rest, but Charlie’s now sitting at the table in high chair, and any moment we could have a foster child or two. So they’re figuring out a new set up. It was really nice to include our potential foster kiddos and Calvin. I think us having our little miss, ever if it was just for 48 hours, just kind of put it into perspective in terms of the fact that things happen fast.

Last night I felt huge. I wasn’t huge, I was super full(we ate Qdoba!) and bloated. And I feel like Calvin is growing so much that I’m growing and hurting a bit.

All in all, I am so incredibly thankful for my sweet boy.

I am so looking forward to reading all of your posts. I know several of you are in IVF cycles, and I am praying so hard this is it for you!.


3 thoughts on “Bleeding cervix

  1. Thank you for your prayers! I think you need to do what’s best for you and baby Calvin. If that means a c section, then so be it. Will be thinking of you and hoping this cervical issue subsides.

  2. So sorry about the bleeding cervix. Yikes!! I M praying for your healing girlie!! So glad to hear your hubs felt Calvin move! That’s awesome!!!!! Xo

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