It’s probably nothing…

We have our ob oncologist appt tomorrow at 2:30. I am very hopeful, that my cervix is just cranky. But I am prepared for the slight chance that the ob oncologist says it is cancer. We have already come to terms through infertility that our family could and will be grown and realized in many different ways. We’re far enough in this pregnancy, that even if it is cancer, we’ll continue this pregnancy. They will take Calvin by csection as soon as possible(earliest I’d be comfortable with is 35 weeks) and worst case scenario is a radical hysterectomy. Which I’m surprisingly ok with. There would be a grieving process, but get my boy here healthy, and keep me alive to see him grow. We can continue growing our family.

I am hopeful this is just a cranky cervix. Nothing more. I’m mentally prepared for the worst.

Also, my dear friends sister(who was an ob nurse) recommended I ask the ob oncologist for a referral to a specialist at a university (probably UofL bc its closest.)


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