Cervix update.

Dr. W and Dr. M are going to attempt to surgically rectify this stupid cranky varicose vein of a cervix, on Thursday. I’m not sure what time.

The biggest risk is bleeding. The smaller risk is Calvin being born. We asked our doctor and at this point, chances are survival are minimal. If we were to wait until his chances of survival are high enough to give him a fighting chance, the risk of this thing rupturing and me bleeding out before we get medical attention is too high.

We are scared. That all there is to say.

We are confident that Dr. M and Dr. W are the right doctors for us. We are hopeful the surgery will be successful, and hopeful Calvin stays put for many more weeks.

After the successful surgery, there should be no issues going forth. I can carry him until he is HUGE and BIG and HEALTHY.

Prayers for God’s guidance for the doctors in my surgery. Prayers for Calvin to stay put and GROW. Prayers for peace for Joseph and I.


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