Cervical Varicosities

So, I have decided to make a whole new page on my blog about my cervical varicose episode. When they first mentioned to me this may be a cervical varicose, I googled. I know I shouldn’t have googled. I found a couple of places where women had asked different forums, but nobody replied with anything helpful, and those ladies didn’t follow up. So naturally, I assumed the worst, that they bled out when one accidentally ruptured. I found one medical journal article that I clung to as the source of all my information. But because of this, I wanted to write as much about my experience with it as necessary. So the hope is that one day, some scared pregnant woman will google cervical varicose vein, and find my blog, with all the information and experiences I had with it.


4 thoughts on “Cervical Varicosities

  1. That’s a great idea! Your condition is so rare I think it would be great for other women to have your experience to read from and also get treatment ideas since it seems like this kind of thing is so rarely encountered that even the docs aren’t sure what to do!

  2. I appreciate your post! I am seeing an MFM soon to figure out if this is what is going on with me; I’m sorry you went through what you did, and I hope your family is doing well these days.

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