Breast pump

I know many of you ladies are waiting for you bfps, but I did want to tell all of you(because I’m hoping so soon all of you all need one.) Obama will buy you a breast pump. Seriously. Call your insurance and check. Of all the women I’ve talked to about it (9 total) 8 of their insurances will cover IN FULL a double sided mechanical breast pump. My insurance requires a prescription from your ob(which isn’t an issue) but will give you either a Medela pump in style, or an Ameda something or other.

My friend told me to check with my insurance, and I put it off, but finally they called me about some healthy pregnancy program and I asked.

So ladies who are currently knocked up, or those of you who will be shortly, get you a free breast pump!


4 thoughts on “Breast pump

  1. I just applied for mine through my ob and the company said the fancy one I wanted was $130 up charge but the hospital would give me that one for free with my insurance!!! Yayayyaayaya!

  2. Yes, I called mine a month or so ago and was shocked to hear that mine is covered, as well. We get a Medela pump and they will ship it about a month before my due date. How exciting that I don’t have to spend that money and could put it toward diapers and other necessities. 🙂

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