I can’t tell you all how relieved I am to have made it viability. 24 weeks was the big goal. I know that sounds silly, but now my kid has a fighting chance. Today was wonderful, we had our first baby shower. It was a family shower with our old church small group, and our new church small group. In terms of showers, it wasn’t much of one, and it was perfect. It was just like a wonderful BBQ, we had perfect weather, and just hung out. There was cornhole, football game on the tv, and catching up with great friends. Kids were running wild, babies were double fisting cake pops, and Joseph, Calvin and I were loved exquisitely.

in terms of growth, I’m officially up four pounds from prepregnancy weight. We had another extensive u/s Thursday, Calvin’s femur is still measuring about a week behind, but my ob isn’t concerned. Everything else is measuring pretty much dead on, except for his big ole belly measuring about a week ahead. I’ll take a chunky baby. I’ll post our baby shower pics when we get them from our friend, but I have the greatest friends. Here’s a belly shot for this week. Keep on growing sweet boy!


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