26 weeks and cramping

We are 26 weeks today. I talked to Joseph last night about how I never imagined we would make it this far. That seems super negative, but infertility, miscarriage, two subchorionic hemorrhages, and this crazy rare cervical issue. I have bled like crazy this pregnancy, and that messes with your head. There have been so many days i knew it was over. But here I am 26 weeks along, and unbelievably thankful. God has been watching over us this whole time, and it is evident. There is no way we’d be where we are today, if his hand of protection wasn’t covering us. Everytime the enemy has tried to take our baby away, my Lord has shut him down.

26 weeks, and 13+3 to go. Calvin is unbelievably loved and prayed for by so many. He’s getting so big, and because of that I’m experiencing Braxton hicks contractions, and cramping regularly. But he’ll be worth it.

p.s. Writing this in a bw3s waiting for a to go order and sobbing out of gratitude.


5 thoughts on “26 weeks and cramping

  1. This pregnancy HAS been so crazy. I feel like I have learned alot just from reading along! I am so glad that the Lord has brought you this far. It is nothing short of a miracle and Calvin will be (is) so loved! πŸ™‚

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