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Labor and delivery adventure.

So, last Thursday my vision went crazy. I left work, and Joe though, based on my description, that a bad headache was imminent. I took some Tylenol, and a nap.

I called my on Monday to ask about that and several other issues I just wanted some reassurance about. They said if I was to have these visual disturbances again to call in. They’d likely want me to come in to make sure my blood pressure was ok.

this afternoon around 2:30, I began having these visual disturbances. When these happen, I am out of it is the best way to describe it. Like last Thursday i couldn’t come up with my assistant principals name. I know her, I know her kids name. But I couldn’t for the life of me remember her name. Today I sat next to my mom in a parking lot for fifteen minutes and I didn’t know it.

so my on wanted me to go to labor and delivery BC it was after hours. My blood pressure was 100 over 60, which is the low end of normal, but not alarming. I don’t have any stroke symptoms, which they were worried about.

often times women who have migraines will have a neurological shift during pregnancy, which can cause migraines to present in new ways. I have had migraines for 16 years, but I have never had a visual disturbance with them. They want me to call in the morning and schedule me with a neurology consult to make sure there is nothing going on other than that.

we were scheduled to go on a labor and delivery tour tonight at 6. We were being discharged at 540, so I told our nurse. She took us on our own tour right then and there so we could just go home.

i am now exhausted.

9 weeks.

In under nine weeks, I will have my boy in my arms. I have washed and sorted all of our clothes. And I can hardly wait.

Joseph and I were talking and he said he pictures himself holding Calvin alot. And walking through doors. He just pictures holding Calvin and walking through doors. Lol. We were talking and he’s never really enjoyed holding babies, and never felt particularly comfortable moving with babies. So I guess he dreams of holding Calvin and being comfortable enough to walk around.

last night I slept terribly. I was cramping all night which was miserable, and I had several nightmares. One time, when I woke up, I cuddled up against Joe’s back spooning with him. He woke up BC he could feel Calvin kicking him.

I called my ob today to just make sure the things I’ve been feeling recently are normal. They are, which is reassuring.

Cheese enchiladas

This whole pregnancy I have dislike chicken. But recently(the last month or so) I have really like el nopal cheese enchiladas. We’re eating there about two times a week. They have yummy coke zero, delicious cheese enchiladas, and rice and beans. Perfect meal for me right now. Our goal next week is to eat at home five dinners. If I make it five, we’ll eat el nopal cheese enchiladas for lunch Saturday.

Sleep cycles.

One of my weekly emails(weeks ago) said that I may be able to tell Calvin’s sleep cycles based on movement. Well, I am finally confident enough to say my joy is awake and moving between 7 and 8:30 every day. And big moves. I’m sure there is at least one other time that is like this, but I’m so busy at work, I don’t really pay close attention to it. Honestly, I have to intentionally set aside a few minutes after lunch to focus on him just to make sure he’s still moving. I know he moves throughout the day, but its just so crazy its hard to pay attention.

I think Calvin is similar to Joseph. He’ll move like crazy, but when Joe puts his hand to feel him, or starts watching my belly, Calvin gets shy. He just doesn’t like being the center of attention.

Everything is getting super real, Joseph has been having dreams of Calvin for the last week or so. I was a bit jealous BC I haven’t. When I told Joe I was little upset about it, he just replied “Well, you don’t love him as much as I do.” Which made by laugh, and realize it wasn’t a reason to get upset. Since then, I did have one dream. Joe and I were at the mall and I gave birth. We had already put our hospital bag in the car, so after I gave birth, I told Joe I’d run out to grab the bs. But when I came back in, I couldn’t remember where they were. So I lost my husband and minutes old child.

nothing really going on, I have another shower Saturday which should be fun. It’s a book and toy shower which is nice BC I have so many clothes!

hope everyone is doing well.


Where has all the time gone?

I know I still have plenty of time. But if we’re counting, I only have 10 weekends left, two of which are shower, so I’m down to 8. Two of which are holidays, so that leaves me six. I’d like to go on a mini “baby moon” to Ikea and stay in a hotel that has an indoor pool and be weightless. so maybe only 5….YIKES! I’m 29 weeks 1 day, here’s my bump from yesterday.WP_20141018_004


I get really paranoid about my bump. I just feel self conscience a little bit I think. Its silly, I know. But I think it goes back to infertility and loss. I just kinda panic and think my belly is too big, or my belly is too little, and that something is wrong. I dreamt I woke up bleeding the other day. I think as the time winds down, I’m letting these evil thoughts of doom creep in, thinking surely this isn’t going to end well. It’s a spiritual battle to be thankful for every day I have with Calvin, and to know that God’s will will prevail, and it will all be for His glory.

Yesterday we worked our butt off, and cleaned out Calvin’s room, including the closet. I involved moving my sewing machines and desk into the living room, and unhoarding fabric. I threw away bags and boxes of stuff I haven’t looked at in years, and I didn’t look at it before I threw it out, because I knew I’d try to keep some. WP_20141019_004WP_20141019_005

We also bought this poster to go above his crib(I think.) Calvin and Hobbes Poster print wall art 10 parts giant huge HH10887 S23

Also, my weekly email said to start packing our hospital bags and leave them by the door incase he comes early. This has caused me to panic a bit more. But it did force me to embroider Calvin’s diaper bag so I can start packing it.


This week my only goal is to keep my house clean. My sisters are throwing me a shower at my house next weekend, and we did a really good job yesterday cleaning it, so that is my only goal.

We have officially decided to formula feed from birth. It’ll be best for our family and lives right now. So I need to research formulas, I think I want to use the tommee tippee bottles, but I know Calvin could decide something different. I am fairly certain we’re either going to use Up & Up brand formula or Sams club.

Have any of you ladies formula fed right from birth? What can I expect in terms of milk coming in and drying up?

I just wanted to be weightless.

I swam from 4-12th grade. I love it. At my ob appt monday I asked if i could swim, I know its excellent exercise, I was worried about post surgery and if I was cleared. She said I was good to go, so I texted Joe asking if we could go on a date Thursday before small group to the family activity center and indoor pool. He sweetly agreed. Today I called to verify their lap lanes, and the pool is closed today. I’m in tears.

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Getting chunky

So Calvin is weighing it around 2lbs 5oz. I’m up 12lbs on their official weight. I feel completely fine with that. Weight gain is hard, but hearing that Calvin is over 1/6 of that, plus amniotic fluid, my boobs probably contribute a pound a piece. So it makes it much more bearable. I had my glucose test today, I had the orange drink. It was fine. I also got the flu shots Whooping cough vaccine(tdap) and they checked for anemia. But what I’m most excited about is the ob I saw today said we can go ahead a TRY sex! She said no “super deep penetration” but to go ahead and give it a shot. Any bleeding and we’re back to pelvic rest, but for now, I can jump my husbands bones, and plan on it!