9 weeks.

In under nine weeks, I will have my boy in my arms. I have washed and sorted all of our clothes. And I can hardly wait.

Joseph and I were talking and he said he pictures himself holding Calvin alot. And walking through doors. He just pictures holding Calvin and walking through doors. Lol. We were talking and he’s never really enjoyed holding babies, and never felt particularly comfortable moving with babies. So I guess he dreams of holding Calvin and being comfortable enough to walk around.

last night I slept terribly. I was cramping all night which was miserable, and I had several nightmares. One time, when I woke up, I cuddled up against Joe’s back spooning with him. He woke up BC he could feel Calvin kicking him.

I called my ob today to just make sure the things I’ve been feeling recently are normal. They are, which is reassuring.


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