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Dressed Moses basket

I love Moses baskets. I’m not sure why exactly, but I knew I wanted one for Calvin. My sweet friend bought us the basket for a shower, and she knew I wanted to dress it. I struggled for a very long time finding fabric I wanted to use. Then when I was perusing target sheets, I came across a clearance set of king pillow cases that I loved. I bought them about two weeks ago, but really had no clue how to make the liner. I just winged it, and it turned out really nice. I cut one piece a little too short, so it fits super snug, but I love how it turned out. I just whipped up a sheet for the mattress out of some fabric my mother in law gave me. I think I love it. Can’t wait to put my boy in it!

35 weeks.

Today I am 35 weeks pregnant. I have periodically had contractions(I think I’ve had to take the medicine twice since the hospital, but it has worked both times.) Today everytime I stand up, I have a bh until I don’t stand up. I think I may have over done it yesterday.  We went out shopping, just to target to pick up some more storage for Calvin’s room, a pillow for his chair, and Joseph ended up buying me a firepit for christmas. We then went to eat at McAllisters.Then headed over to my parents, stopping at starbucks for a drink. Joseph and my dad got to work on the car(which is likely going to be done by NEXT WEEKEND!!!!) and I went back out shopping. I have pretty much finished Christmas shopping for Joseph. I have my brother and his fiance, and older sister left. So really I just have gifts for my parents, younger sister, niece, and older brother. So I still have quite a bit to do.

Also yesterday evening, when we got home, we worked in Calvin’s room. We are not “done” yet, but we just have to clean up a bit. Back in October, I went to order the wall posters for Calvin’s room. I had read the reviews and the seller isn’t very good about contacting you, but you’ll get your artwork in about a month from when you order it. This worked perfectly, I’d have it in mid November, with at least 6 weeks to mount and hang it. Well last week, I still hadn’t gotten it, so I logged into etsy, and realized it was STILL IN MY CART! I never finished checking out. So I went ahead and ordered it, but now it’ll get here right around Christmas, and Calvin may not wait til then. Which is fine, I’m not panicked that it won’t be ready for him, I’m panicked bc I’m not certain that I’ll have time or energy to mount and hang these. But oh well. After working on Calvin’s room, we played some cat mario, then I said I was going to bed at 9:30, and instead packed our hospital bag., and finally went to bed at 11! yikes!

But I thought I’d do one of those “Whats in my hopsital bag” posts, in just a list. No picture.

Calvin’s bag:

Going home outfit.

Picture outfit

UK outfit(incase we’re there for the UKvUofL basketball game.

Every type of pacificer we have.

Our bag:

Three sleep shirts for me.

1 pair of leggings

1 pair of yoga pants.

4 pairs of socks.

6 pairs of GIANT HIGH RISE BRIEF panties(apparently, regular panties hit right around the c-section incision, I know the hospital has those wonderful mesh panties, but I wanted options.)

1 pair of pajama pants for Joseph

4 shirts for Joseph

Underwear and socks for Joseph.

Extra pack of needles and test strips.

Travel size toiletries including extra contact case for Joseph.

Other bag:

Towels(I know hospital towel can suck, so I wanted to bring our own towel.

Things we can’t pack until the day of(or one of our parents will have to swing buy and pick up for us, I have a list on the fridge with locations of items we need.)

Slippers(both of ours)

Lantus insulin vial

Cell Phone charger

Joseph’s glasses

3ds charger(for Joseph)

Haven’t done one of these in a good bit…

How far along: 34 + 4

Total weight gain: 18 lbs

Maternity clothes: Yes, still stretch some of my non maternity shirts

Sleep: Goodish. Moving is a bit of an ordeal, but if I can find a comfortable spot, I sleep like a log.

Best moment of this week: ?! Is that bad? Probably getting all of Calvin’s crafting for done. I haven’t done it yet(that’s what I’m procrastinating by doing this.) but I only have his moses basket lining, finishing his changing pad, doing his wipes case, and his stocking.

Miss anything: Laying on my belly. I still lay “on my belly” but not flat on it. I also miss beer. And Wine. And blue cheese. and JIMMY JOHNS

Size of baby: giant? Those websites say a cantaloupe(4.5 lbs). We have a fetal sizing scan next Tuesday. I’d imagine he’s closer to 6 by then.

Food cravings/aversions: I have been slowly reintroducing chicken into my diet.(I’ve had it twice this week) it terms of cravings, no, but impulses yes. At the grocery I had to buy a lemon meringue pie, ya know because I saw it.

Anything making you queasy or sick: I actually have been a bit nauseous this week. I let myself get too hungry, apparently that may be back?

Have you started to show yet: yep, no hiding this.

Gender: Boy! Sweet baby Calvin

Labor signs: I have had some rounds of contractions, but the procardia seem to take them away.

Belly button in or out: Flat? Does that make sense? I want it to pop, but it might not.

Wedding rings on or off: I’m pretty forgetful about wearing my rings, especially since we moved my jewelery box. I can still wear them both, but prefer to just wear my wedding band because I feel like I would panic if I couldn’t get both of them off.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy.

Looking forward to: Thanksgiving! OB appt for fetal growth 12/2!

Contractions continued.

Contractions have started up again. I took my meds, and hoping the kick in soon. Of course I’m not at home, we’re over at my parents, so I’m resting in my sisters bed. But really I just hurt. I’m suppose to give it two hours, and if I’m still contracting I’m suppose to call. Hopefully they’ll knock off soon. BC its pretty miserable. Goodness I’m a wuss.

Uterine irritabilitities.

I have been having menstrual like cramps since Tuesday evening. They don’t go away with a warm shower, or laying on my left side. Today my cervical mucous was tinged pink, so I called the ob. They had me come in, checked my cervix(soft, as opposed to last cervical check which was firm) but still closed(BC of the cerclage) and did an nst. The nst revealed I was having uterine irritabilites. So they sent me down to labor and delivery to monitor the contractions, and give me a med to try and stop them. They successfully stopped them, but needless to say, my hospital bags will be packed and ready to go this weekend.

What I accomplished today

I did fold and put away all of our clothes.

I cleaned up a bit.

I made Calvin a car seat blanket and a pack strap(which is not a muzzle much to Joseph’s dissapointment)

tonight we working in Calvin’s room, we bought a book basket and a toy basket, Joe built one drawer, I organized his toys, diapers, books, and such. Also moved toys he won’t need for months(exersaucer, walker. Etc) to the hall to be take to the basement. And got all gift bags out of his room.

I have an ob appt tomorrow, at which I’m going to bring up future pregnancies. And ask her anticipation on this cervical issue thing, and also ask is a section is a limiting factor on number of pregnancy I can carry. I know I’m not guaranteed anymore, and that would be fine, but if say i have no fertility issues, we’d like to have four kiddos, and then a couple more through other means. We would like six total, and we’re truly ok with however those kiddie come into our family, I just want to know what implications the section has on future pregnancies.

I also have my last shower tomorrow, it’s my work shower, so I don’t really know what to expect, but I know it’ll be fun.


some pics of the pack strap, car seat blanket, and Calvin’s room cleaned up a bit, even if that’s hard to believe.

33 weeks pregnant

So last Tuesday I had a bleeding episode, but other than that, this has been pretty uneventful. I haven’t given a bump picture since 29 weeks, so I figured I’d bombard you with bump shots.WP_20141025_002

30 weeks.


31 weeks


32 weeks


33 weeks


This is taken the same day as 33 weeks, just the different my maternity coat makes.

So remember when we cleaned Calvin’s room? and my entire house wasn’t overtaken with baby stuff? That has changed. We have had three showers so far(the fourth and last one is tomorrow) and everytime we’ve just brought in all of our gifts and dumped them in Calvin’s room or the kiddo room, or the hallway. So ugh! My goal today is to cleanish some of it. Calvin’s room is not an option because we’re in the middle of building his dresser. But once that is done, we’re going to put clothes away. We need to get a couple of baskets/storage options for books and toys which will help.


We also bought a recliner last week, I don’t know why anybody ever buys a chair from a baby store, we went to an actual furniture store and bought a recliner for around $300. Its nicer than many we saw at a baby store, and much less expensive. We aren’t putting it in Calvin’s room, because I’m too social, we’ll have some sort of chair in there, but the recliner is going in the living room.

I also found out my OB will stop labor until 36 weeks, I knew they had to have a “cut off” or sorts, but I didn’t know when, so if I have regular contractions after 36 weeks, Calvin is coming.

But regardless of contractions or labor, Calvin is coming, 6 weeks 1 day.

Snow day #1

We have a snow day today. I’ve been awake since they made the call at 520. I still have to take Joseph to work(have I told you all we’re down to one car? J and my dad are fixing his transmission, we’re hoping it’ll be done around thanksgiving, but definitely by Christmas. This wouldn’t be an issue, but Joe has had to learn how to drive my car, a manual, which is taking some time, but he’s getting there. But for the last two weeks i have been the exclusive driver.)

I did not want a snow day, BC I had it timed perfectly to end a chapter and test all of my classes the Monday before thanksgiving, now it’ll be Tuesday is test day, but Tuesday is a mass day, so my classes are only 25 minutes, which is not enough time to test. So it’ll likely be Tuesday after thanksgiving now.

but, hopefully ill be able to be productive today.


I’d like to: Clean the house, folder and out away laundry, cook some beef stew, finish some sewing projects, and write a pregnancy update, all before picking up Joseph at 4. We shall see!

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Oh goodness, I am terrible!

All is well with Calvin and I. I went to the OB and was hooked up to the monitor, had an u/s and a cervical exam. All is well, no major contractions, cervix is nice and thick, I just have a cranky cervix that is acting up again. It will likely continue to act up until Calvin is here, but for now, no issues.

The did inform me after 36 weeks, contractions will not be stopped, they’ll just let him come! I’ll be 33 weeks tomorrow! Love this boy, and for now he is safe and sound tucked inside my womb. He is about 5 pounds(!) and he has hair!!!