What I accomplished today

I did fold and put away all of our clothes.

I cleaned up a bit.

I made Calvin a car seat blanket and a pack strap(which is not a muzzle much to Joseph’s dissapointment)

tonight we working in Calvin’s room, we bought a book basket and a toy basket, Joe built one drawer, I organized his toys, diapers, books, and such. Also moved toys he won’t need for months(exersaucer, walker. Etc) to the hall to be take to the basement. And got all gift bags out of his room.

I have an ob appt tomorrow, at which I’m going to bring up future pregnancies. And ask her anticipation on this cervical issue thing, and also ask is a section is a limiting factor on number of pregnancy I can carry. I know I’m not guaranteed anymore, and that would be fine, but if say i have no fertility issues, we’d like to have four kiddos, and then a couple more through other means. We would like six total, and we’re truly ok with however those kiddie come into our family, I just want to know what implications the section has on future pregnancies.

I also have my last shower tomorrow, it’s my work shower, so I don’t really know what to expect, but I know it’ll be fun.


some pics of the pack strap, car seat blanket, and Calvin’s room cleaned up a bit, even if that’s hard to believe.


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