Uterine irritabilitities.

I have been having menstrual like cramps since Tuesday evening. They don’t go away with a warm shower, or laying on my left side. Today my cervical mucous was tinged pink, so I called the ob. They had me come in, checked my cervix(soft, as opposed to last cervical check which was firm) but still closed(BC of the cerclage) and did an nst. The nst revealed I was having uterine irritabilites. So they sent me down to labor and delivery to monitor the contractions, and give me a med to try and stop them. They successfully stopped them, but needless to say, my hospital bags will be packed and ready to go this weekend.


7 thoughts on “Uterine irritabilitities.

    1. no steroid shots. I’m not sure if I’m far enough along to not need them. Ok, I just googled and they’ll give them to you between 24-34 weeks. I’m 34 weeks tomorrow, so I guess I may be far enough to where Calvin is ok without them. Hopefully, he won’t be here for at least a couple of weeks.

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