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New mom worries

Calvin failed his hearing test. They will retest Friday before we are discharged. Calvin also has a dimple at the base of his spine. They’re going to ultrasound that to make sure everything is ok. Goodness though, this little guy has the ability to make me panic. He’s eating much better today than yesterday. We’re having poppy diapers like crazy. He loves to be swaddled with his hand out, and to suck on his fingers. He’ll take a pacifier, but seems to prefer fingers. He is cuddly and sweet. Joseph got a picture with his eyes open.

Nursery Tour

When we got pregnant, I struggled with the nursery. We had a kiddo room already set up and ready to go, and the other other housed our computer and sewing machine stuff, which we used often. But I didn’t want to use the kiddo room for Calvin. I struggled explain this to people. You can see our kiddo room here. I put a lot of hard work into our kiddo room, and I did it for our kiddos. So they have a spot that is theirs. To know that they are wanted and they aren’t thrown into a computer room with a pack-in-play. They have a room designed for them. Their own space. So I didn’t want to throw Calvin in there to take away from our kiddos. So yes, our kiddo room is all set up for kiddos, and will wait until our house is off hold to fill it. But they aren’t an after thought. They aren’t a plan b.

So, we move our computers and sewing machines out of our front bedroom. I did use one of our kiddo cribs, because we now have a toddler bed and also a twin bed that can be used in there.

We didn’t paint the bedroom, we had painted it this dark grey when we moved in, and I just decided we’d work with it. We used an ikea chair for his room, I thought I wanted to get a recliner or a glider, but I decided I didn’t want it in his room. We did get a nice recliner for the living room, so we have a nice rocker. We bought a cheap cheapy dresser from walmart, which is fine.

WP_20141226_009This is Calvin’s closet, with his diaper stash.WP_20141226_008

Here’s Calvin’s closet. We will likely hang more clothes, but currently each drawer of his dresser has all the sizes of clothes. So top drawer is newborn. Middle is 0-3, and bottom is 3-6. In the plastic drawers are blankets, other clothing that we’ll need eventually. In the hanging organizer, we have towels and washcloths, burp cloths, swaddling blankets, receiving blankets, socks, and hats and bibs.WP_20141226_007

Here is the few into the hall from his room. There is our moses basket, and a sweet radio flyer garage sale find which I love.WP_20141226_006

Kind of a dark picture. But this is from the door into his room. You can see the ikea chair, with an orange pillow. Our bouncer seat(which will likely be moved where needed.) a basket of toys, and a book shelf. Joseph built this book shelf in shop in high school. So far, Just the bottom shelf are Calvin books, the rest are textbooks from college, programming, cook books, harry potters etc. I’m not sure what we’ll do with the rest of the books, or maybe we’ll get a different book shelf for Calvin to prevent climbing when he become mobile.


Another view from the door. This is Calvin’s crib, chair, bouncer seat, and our Calvin and Hobbes posters. I made the bunting and we decided to hang it around the crib, we may move it if become a hazard or we decide we want it somewhere else.WP_20141226_004

This is just the right of Calvin’s crib. A bumbo and a activity cube. These are things we’ll need eventually, but I kinda shoved them in a corner.WP_20141226_003

Sweet radio flyer ride on horse again.WP_20141226_002

Here’s the dresser and dresser top. Our sweet friends E&T are expecting a baby boy in January, and they sent us these land of Nod wooden shakers. I like how they look on the dresser, but I’m sure once Calvin get’s here, they’ll be down and in his mouth. The piggy bank was a gift from Joseph’s aunt. My dear friend made the I am a Child of God and found this beautiful frame. And the Calvin blocks are super special. At our small group shower, both our old and small group families each wrote a sweet message for Calvin on every block. He is so loved and prayed for.WP_20141226_001

Lastly, here is another picture from he closet/bookshelf area. I forgot to mention, the basket to the left of the dresser is just full of blankets.

So there you have it. The moses basket and bouncer seat will likely be moved around the house every day.

We chose not to do a pack-N-play. we will end up getting a hand-me-down from a friend, I don’t anticipate it being set up all the time. We didn’t do a rock-N-plays despite hearing rave reviews. Because most of those people in real life we know who used one while they loved them. All of them had issues with getting their child to sleep in a crib. So we decided we would use our Moses basket, because first of all, it is flat. I nannied for a little girl who had a nap nanny(I think they’ve sense been recalled) for reflux. But she got so use to that incline, that she didn’t sleep(nap) in her crib once they removed it. We’re going to start Calvin off sleeping flat, it may be more difficult in the beginning, but hopefully we won’t have any issues transitioning later. Also the moses basket, we can physically place in the crib to help that transition.

We also don’t have a changing table. I didn’t want one honestly. I feel like I’m going to change Calvin’s diaper where ever we are. Also my friend got us a diaper changing basket that will likely remain in the living room as that is where we’ll likely hang out most of the time.

We do have a swing/glider, but it is set up in the living room.

The current plan is that Calvin will sleep in his bedroom from day one. In his moses basket. We have ordered a video monitor so we can peak in on him. As far as napping. He’ll nap in the Moses basket as well, but we won’t be as strict about that. If he falls asleep in his swing, so be it.

I am currently reading Bring up Bebe, and this is completely Joseph and I’s parenting style. A lot of what the author has observed in French parenting, are things that Joseph and I feel strongly about it.

Sleep…what’s that again?

I can count the number of nights I have available for a good night sleep on one Hand. Four, because lets be honest, Monday I’m going to be too excited . But for the past five nights, I will wake up, and be awake for hours. Last night I went to bed at tend woke up at 12:30, and was up until after four. Some nights there is no reason for the wake up. Last night it was contractions. At four I finally broke down and sobbing I took a procardia, and Joe held me.

today we have all day Christmas fun, so I’m excited for that. We’ll see how sleep goes this evening.

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C-section preparation.

So, one of the things I have come across while researching csection(which I honestly haven’t done much of. They’ll cut me open, push the baby out, and stitch me up) is they cut right at or below the pubic hair line. There is then a bandage they’ll adhere to said hair line. Which I have ultimately come to the conclusion, must be removed at some point. All my adult life, I have been a fairly proficient self-waxer. I have my own little set up, my younger sister refers to me as her own personal “little asian woman.” Throughout pregnancy, I haven’t waxed the whole nine yards honestly because of awkwardness of a belly. But I read someone online say getting a wax before her second c-section was the best thing she did. So I busted out my wax warmer, cut all my muslin strips. Set up a mirror because I can’t see around my belly, and got to it.

It isn’t pretty, and because its been so long, I wussed out, but I cleaned the area which the incision and bandage will be. I look like I let a drunk person do it, but whatever.

I also clipped my toe nails(quite a feet 9 months pregnant) and will paint them, but likely I’m going to have Joseph paint them.

We have one week until Calvin is here. Yesterday I had contractions in the morning. I tried to wait them out, hoping they’d go away, but they didn’t. I ended up taking a procardia yesterday around noon. They then went away, but came back last night after dinner. I was being stubborn and didn’t want to take a procardia, so I went to bed contracting all night. Finally at four, I had enough restless sleep and popped a pill. and slept nicely until about 8.

Today, we’re going to eat indian food, go to a local board game shop(we’re nerds, and figure we’re not going to get alot of date night outs for the next couple months, so it’d be nice to have some things to play for some date-nights-in. We’re going to pick up more foam board(because we have ten posters, and only bought enough to mount 8!) Then I have my last OB appt this afternoon. We’re going out to dinner and a movie with some of Joseph’s siblings, and tomorrow is CHRISTMAS EVE!

Picture crazy

So a lot has been going on in our lives preparing for Calvin to get here.

Number 1. WE FINISHED (by we, I mean Joseph and my dad) the Mazda transmission rebuild and it was successful! Here’s a pic of the Mazda at home with the Neon. It is wonderful to have two working cars. We are very blessed. We obviously can make it with one car, but it is amazing to have two.WP_20141214_003 (1)


Number 2. We got our recliner. I spent months deciding what chair to get. First of all, all the baby store chairs are super expensive. And of course the ones that I really liked were the most expensive. So we finally went to a real furniture store and found this grey recliner. It is really nice, and very reasonably priced.WP_20141220_006 (1)

Number 3. We’re eight days away from this kid getting here! I think he dropped over the weekend. Lightening crotch is what my friend told me today it is called. A very accurate description. To remember this pregnancy, I decided to take pics not only from the side, but the back(which I haven’t seen) and straight on. All in different rooms and lighting, and different levels of hair dryness.InstagramCapture_c11a220f-c1db-47c1-a9fb-79d2c1f22d6e (1)WP_20141220_009 (1)WP_20141220_011


My last day of work was Friday, Joseph’s was Wednesday. We’ve been super busy. Saturday we roasted some yummy pecans.WP_20141220_013

I also sewed up a storm. First of all, I had about 10 things to embroider, but I also made several muslin receiving blankets (four for Calvin, three for gifts) many many burp cloths for gifts. And I dyed cheesecloth for newborn photo props.WP_20141220_019

On top of all that, when I finished, I put my sewing machines away. My kitchen table is CLEAN!WP_20141220_020

We also installed our carseat, and put our hospital bags in the car. We’re ready for Calvin!WP_20141221_001


And lastly, today Joseph gave me my “push present” or “yay baby” gift. I love it!WP_20141222_001WP_20141222_005

I have two projects left to finish before he gets here. We are in the process of mounting his posters for his room, then we’ll hang them. And I need to finish knitting his stocking, then I’ll put a picture of it up. Once we have the pictures hung, I’ll do a picture nursery tour. Nothing super crazy, but I’m excited for my boy.

He’s still cooking

He’s still cooking. Now the praying has shifted to hoping he’ll hold out until after Christmas. Last night I had some INTENSE shooting pains in my nay-nay area and down my legs. They were sharp and sudden, and last 10 seconds or so. But it was enough to FREAK Joseph out. He wanted to go to the hospital. I assured him it was just Calvin hang out low and punching nerves. We did pack up our car with infant carrier and bags though. I have a heavy picture post I need to do. But thought I’d update. I have my next(and LAST!) ob app Tuesday at 2:50.

42 hours remaining

For the next 42 hours, I am PRAYING Calvin comes, if he is ready and all will be fine. I’m having some mild contractions that start about an hour ago, so lets hope this amounts to something. If we go in the next 42 hours, we’ll be home by Christmas from the hospital. After these 42 hours, I’m praying Calvin holds off until after Christmas. Obviously, it’d be fine either way. Just getting excited to meet my boy.

Dreams of expectant parents

I’m talking literal dreams. We’ve had some doozies.

I had a dream Calvin came out 36″ inches long. They made me buy a specialized crib so he couldn’t climb out. Joseph put him in it, and went to work. When he woke up, I went into get him, but I couldn’t reach him…

Last night I had a dream I lost my mucous plug. But with it some sort of metal circut looking thing came out. I rushed to Dr.T because I was convince Calvin was a robot. She assured me he was not a robot, but I would be having him within the next 24 hours.

Last night Joseph dreamt that Calvin was small, like microscopic. Somebody was holding him and dropped him and we couldn’t find him.

Normal right?