Picture crazy

So a lot has been going on in our lives preparing for Calvin to get here.

Number 1. WE FINISHED (by we, I mean Joseph and my dad) the Mazda transmission rebuild and it was successful! Here’s a pic of the Mazda at home with the Neon. It is wonderful to have two working cars. We are very blessed. We obviously can make it with one car, but it is amazing to have two.WP_20141214_003 (1)


Number 2. We got our recliner. I spent months deciding what chair to get. First of all, all the baby store chairs are super expensive. And of course the ones that I really liked were the most expensive. So we finally went to a real furniture store and found this grey recliner. It is really nice, and very reasonably priced.WP_20141220_006 (1)

Number 3. We’re eight days away from this kid getting here! I think he dropped over the weekend. Lightening crotch is what my friend told me today it is called. A very accurate description. To remember this pregnancy, I decided to take pics not only from the side, but the back(which I haven’t seen) and straight on. All in different rooms and lighting, and different levels of hair dryness.InstagramCapture_c11a220f-c1db-47c1-a9fb-79d2c1f22d6e (1)WP_20141220_009 (1)WP_20141220_011


My last day of work was Friday, Joseph’s was Wednesday. We’ve been super busy. Saturday we roasted some yummy pecans.WP_20141220_013

I also sewed up a storm. First of all, I had about 10 things to embroider, but I also made several muslin receiving blankets (four for Calvin, three for gifts) many many burp cloths for gifts. And I dyed cheesecloth for newborn photo props.WP_20141220_019

On top of all that, when I finished, I put my sewing machines away. My kitchen table is CLEAN!WP_20141220_020

We also installed our carseat, and put our hospital bags in the car. We’re ready for Calvin!WP_20141221_001


And lastly, today Joseph gave me my “push present” or “yay baby” gift. I love it!WP_20141222_001WP_20141222_005

I have two projects left to finish before he gets here. We are in the process of mounting his posters for his room, then we’ll hang them. And I need to finish knitting his stocking, then I’ll put a picture of it up. Once we have the pictures hung, I’ll do a picture nursery tour. Nothing super crazy, but I’m excited for my boy.


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