C-section preparation.

So, one of the things I have come across while researching csection(which I honestly haven’t done much of. They’ll cut me open, push the baby out, and stitch me up) is they cut right at or below the pubic hair line. There is then a bandage they’ll adhere to said hair line. Which I have ultimately come to the conclusion, must be removed at some point. All my adult life, I have been a fairly proficient self-waxer. I have my own little set up, my younger sister refers to me as her own personal “little asian woman.” Throughout pregnancy, I haven’t waxed the whole nine yards honestly because of awkwardness of a belly. But I read someone online say getting a wax before her second c-section was the best thing she did. So I busted out my wax warmer, cut all my muslin strips. Set up a mirror because I can’t see around my belly, and got to it.

It isn’t pretty, and because its been so long, I wussed out, but I cleaned the area which the incision and bandage will be. I look like I let a drunk person do it, but whatever.

I also clipped my toe nails(quite a feet 9 months pregnant) and will paint them, but likely I’m going to have Joseph paint them.

We have one week until Calvin is here. Yesterday I had contractions in the morning. I tried to wait them out, hoping they’d go away, but they didn’t. I ended up taking a procardia yesterday around noon. They then went away, but came back last night after dinner. I was being stubborn and didn’t want to take a procardia, so I went to bed contracting all night. Finally at four, I had enough restless sleep and popped a pill. and slept nicely until about 8.

Today, we’re going to eat indian food, go to a local board game shop(we’re nerds, and figure we’re not going to get alot of date night outs for the next couple months, so it’d be nice to have some things to play for some date-nights-in. We’re going to pick up more foam board(because we have ten posters, and only bought enough to mount 8!) Then I have my last OB appt this afternoon. We’re going out to dinner and a movie with some of Joseph’s siblings, and tomorrow is CHRISTMAS EVE!


3 thoughts on “C-section preparation.

  1. they take your nail polish off one of your fingers for a c-section for the monitor. Also some places take off the tape after a day i was told to take mine off after 5 days depends on the surgeon! i had a c-section and my biggest tip is to get up walking as soon as they say its okay too the longer you leave it the harder it’s. We had music in the theatre and it was super nice 🙂 good luck!

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