And then it hits you

Hormones…they hit me all at once yesterday evening. I had sharp pain, it felt like a cervical pain and freaked me out. Cue the tears. What?! My night nurse was amazing last night as well. I had a hard time sending Calvin to the nursery, but ultimately did after his eleven pm feeding.

I woke up at 2 pretty much hysterical. And finally was honest with Joseph. I had been feeling like I wanted to breast feed. And I was embarrassed. So through sobbing tears, he called in the nurse and we started. Calvin took right to it, but we had to entice him with some sugar water on my nipple. We’ve had three nursing sessions, he seems to be doing well. We’ll meet with the lactation consultant a couple times today, and if all is going well, we’ll go home this afternoon. If in not feeling confident, we can stay another day. The hormones are strong.

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