Nursing update

I am an all you can eat buffet. Calvin is nursing well, and often. Because of his jaundiced levels, his Dr told me(along with the lactation consultant) to nurse him whenever he wants. We nurse every 1-2 hours. BC of this we are reevaluating our sleeping arrangements. Tonight we’re trying Calvin in our room in his Moses basket on Joe’s side of the room. Joe and i also switched sides of the bed, so he’s actually next to me. Saturday night I nursed in the living room from 12-5am without a real break. At five I came crying to Joseph, he suggested we try a bottle so I could rest.
we did a bottle of formula, and I slept for two hours.

last night though, Calvin still ate constantly for about three and a half hours, but I was able to nurse him in bed and doze through it. After the cluster feedings ended, he nursed every hour and a half but would sleep in his Moses basket in between. Calvin had two poo explosions last night, he some how managed to kick off a diaper completely. So we had three outfit changes. Hopefully we’ll get better at diapering so we wont have that issue.

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2 thoughts on “Nursing update

  1. I’ve been following a while but have never commented till now! Just want to encourage you with nursing- you are in the trenches now, and it is so exhausting, but baby is just getting your supply up! You’re doing the hard work now and it will pay off when you’ve got a good supply for your babe! Keep pressing on! It’s so worth it 🙂

    1. I agree! The first few weeks of breastfeeding are the WORST. It really does get easier, and I know everyone says that (I didn’t think it was true) but it really does. Good job, momma!

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