1 week post partum

I can’t believe its been a week already. Where has the time gone? It seriously has flown, despite not getting much sleep.

Here is a pic of my Calvin belly last Tuesday right before we headed to the hospital. InstagramCapture_5c5a8626-2300-40bd-8b69-47d650432e42

All in all, I gained about 23 pounds. Something I’m pretty content with. Here is a picture of me 1 week post partum.


I have lost all but 5-6 pounds. But my belly is mushy. Like before, it was super hard(because there was a baby) and then he comes out, and its super smushy. My belly before wasn’t flat, but it was more firm. My SIL said that things’ll tighten up in due time.


Breast feeding is trying, especially at night. Calvin wants to eat and eat and eat. Twice now, after feeding Calvin for hours, and him still acting ravenous, we have supplemented with a bottle. Both times he has sucked it down, so who knows what that means. We have an appointment with a lactation consultant tomorrow, and maybe she’ll have some insight. It’s like he’s snacking all night, and then about 3-4am I’m empty, but he’s still hungry.


My incision is healing well, it still bleeds if I over exert. My bleeding is minimal. I would describe it as a medium-light flow period.  My pain is minimal as well. I’m pretty much off the percocets. I take the aleve still, honestly just as a precautionary thing. I can take it every 8 hours, I take one in the morning.


I had a friend give me a medal abdominal binder, and then the hopsital gave me this crazy huge/uncomfortable abdominal binder, and I bought the bellefit corset. The bellefit said to start wearing the day you get released from the hospital, so we got home and I put it on, but that day I bled from my incision a lot, so I took a break and let my incision heal a bit more before squishing myself into the bellefit. But last night, I put on the bellefit and it feels amazing. It kind of just slims and makes me feel a bit more confident. I’m actually wearing it in the picture, you can wear it around the clock, and I will for the first 6 weeks or so.


I have to go back to my ob in a week(I think) and she’ll remove the cerclage. I’m so excited for it to be removed. I know I can’t feel it and it has no real bearing on anything, it’ll just be nice to not have it. I’m also looking forward to being off of pelvic rest.

I can’t tell you how sexy I feel to be wearing regular panties. These are panties that prior to pregnancy, I would have considered granny panties. But at the advice of many women, I invested in some brief style panties, like these image So they wouldn’t hit anywhere near the incision. Then yesterday I decided to try my regular ole granny panties image and I feel like I’m wearing the sexiest lingerie ever! Its funny, but I do just feel sexy in them now.


Here’s my one week old boy!



4 thoughts on “1 week post partum

  1. You look amazing!! I love post-partum photos; they give me hope that all this weight really WILL go away. 😛

    Congrats (again? don’t know if I have congratulated you yet, just switched blogs from Dreaming of Rainbows) on your son, he is beautiful. 🙂

  2. Sounds like all is going well! Time really does fly with a newborn. Mackenzie is 3 weeks tomorrow – I still can’t believe it. Good luck with the lactation consultant. I hope you’re able to figure it out. I completely agree with the body changes after giving birth. I mentioned very similar things to my husband about my stomach as well.

  3. The belly will tighten up again pretty quickly. I know mine was all wobbly after my c section too but it was only a few months before it was almost as good as new. 🙂

    Your little guy is SO cute!! Makes me so excited for my baby to get here!

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