Breaking down

Joseph has been off work since December 18th. He returns to work on Monday, and I can already feel a break down coming on. We were able to spend our last twelve days as a family if two together and falling more and more in love. And he’s been able to be hers around the clock for Calvin’s first twelve days. I have been spoiled, and its coming to an end. I had a mini break down last night in which I asked Joseph to hold me. Monday is going to be tough.

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3 thoughts on “Breaking down

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I cried the day before my husband went back to work. He’s only worked two days since Mackenzie has been born and I have loved it. He was supposed to go back tomorrow but we found out he has this week off too. I’m getting too spoiled about this and already worrying about the following week when it’s just Mackenzie and me. Stay strong momma, we can do this!

  2. It’s hard, but just remember you don’t have to do anything extra. Don’t worry about showering, or making dinner or laundry or cleaning anything up. Just rest, cuddle, change diapers, and drink water and eat something. Do you have a baby carrier or wrap? I probably wore my son in the moby the first three weeks we were on our own, just so I could grab some food, or go to the bathroom. Just take it one day at a time and before you know it it’s no big deal.

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