These are few of C’s favorite things.

Windows. Calvin loves to sit in his glider and stare out the our front windows. We usually keep the blinds closed, but he likes it so much, we’ve been keeping them open.WP_20150111_002

We also discovered C likes these black and white board books. My sisters threw me a book and toy shower, and my sweet friend I, whose an english teacher, got these for Calvin. One is a regular board book, and one folds out accordion style. With black backgrounds and white pictures on one side, and white background with black pictures on the other. She said her cousin has just had a baby who loved them. Turns out Calvin is mesmerized by them as well. Here’s Joseph and I playing a board game, and Calvin having naked time(his bum has a little diaper rash, so we wanted to let it breathe) and staring at his book.V__9DBEWP_20150111_001


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