3 weeks post-partum


I’m still up 3 pounds, but these are my (slightly uncomfortable) skinny jeans.

Breast feeding is going well. My pediatrician told me if he is actively vigorously sucking and swallowing, we can do 10-15 minutes on each side! HALLELUJAH! seriously, cutting down my nursing time to 30 minutes max.

In terms of healing. My scar looks GREAT. My ob injected the incision with steroids twice, then told me to rub vitamin e capsules on it. It’s a bit itchy, but other than that its fine. I have had some pain in my abdominal muscles. Just on the right side. It feels like I have pulled my abs. its hurt so bad occasionally that I cant laugh, It has me taking my anaprox again

I’m meeting with a lactation consultant Thursday to discuss pumping. I’m looking forward to it, I have about 18 ounces frozen just from random pumping with my manual pump, but I just got my pump in style, which should do even better.


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