Three weeks

Well, C is three weeks old, and decided to celebrate by a night of no sleep. It was enough out of character that I, over protective new mom, emailed the pediatrician. I thought he was having some major gas build up and pains. The nurse who responded said I sounded like an ear infection, and that we should come in. We did. No ear infection. Nothing really our of the ordinary. But the Dr we saw was our normal ped, we saw one of the men in the practice, but I loved him. He said chalk it up to he’s a baby, and lets hope ita better tonight. Already, it’s only midnight, it has been considerably better. C slept from 830-12.

 I fed him at seven, and tries to put him down, but he wasn’t having it. He wanted to eat again only 30 minutes later, and then wanted some awake time. I had already swaddled him, and started getting frustrated, but then took a step back and realized I was forcing the sleep issue. He hadn’t given any sleepy cues. So we unswaddled him and he had alert awake time for about thirty minutes, then went down. Not without a peep, he whimpered randomly, but without screaming. And fell asleep on his own.

the ped also said 10-15 of focused vigorous sucking and swallowing/breast is all C needs. Wooi! Clothed Calvin weighed 8lbs4oz.


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1 thought on “Three weeks

  1. I had one of those nights last night. She screamed off and on from 6pm to midnight. Ate at 5, 6:30, 8 and 10:30 which is a little out of character. Finally got her down at midnight for 3 hours. I was about ready to call my pediatrician’s after hours line too.

    It’s so hard when you can’t figure out right away what they want!

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