We’re a cuddly people

Both Joseph and I love to cuddle and hold each other. The last couple weeks I was pregnant, the only way I got any good sleep was if Joseph was right next to me holding me. We have a king size bed, and when I was all huge and 9 months pregnant, we took up may be a twin size bed space on our mattress.

So Joseph and I made a baby together, and guess what, he’s cuddly. He likes to be held, and rocked, and worn. He’ll fall asleep on seconds on our chest, or in our arms.

Calvin will be month old this week, so I’m starting to read several different methods of sleep training. And I know I don’t want Calvin dependent on crutches to sleep. But I cuddling is his nature. I don’t want to break him of the cuddle. So all of these I’m reading, I’m having a hard time with, BC it is part of his personality, a part that I love, to cuddle. Crying it out wont work. I’m currently struggling even with the put him down drowsy, but awake thing.

also, mama out there, 3 weeks too early to start any of this? I know we can start establishing general routine(eat, play, sleep) and good sleep habits (not nursing to sleep, sleeping not in somebody’s arms.) but other than that, he needs to eat when he needs to eat, and sleep when he needs to sleep. Right?
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1 thought on “We’re a cuddly people

  1. You can read a lot and you can drive yourself crazy comparing yourself and your baby to others. After 4 months of doing this with twins, I am definitely not an expert, but I believe your baby will guide you. I am happy that we started our babies out in the crib from the beginning. Naps were usually taken on people or in various devices. Now, at 4 months, they finally will both do naps in cribs. My boy took forever to learn this skill but working with him and not against his nature is what made it a success in the end. All babies are different, this is even more evident when you have twins because you get to “compare in real-time”. You and Calvin will figure it our, but I would definitely enjoy the cuddles. They grow up so fast!!

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