One month update

Well, my baby boy is a month old! How can that be possible?!1month

Calvin loves his paci, but a a very specific paci. The mam brand 0-6 month. Keep that newborn size outta here, seriously, no interest in it. I shouldn’t say no interest, he’ll tolerate it, but won’t suck like he will o the 0-6 month size.

He’s a pretty good eater. He takes both breasts, about 10-15 minutes each side.

Calvin is almost at 9 lbs! It’s crazy to think about, but I was 8lbs 13oz at birth, and Joseph was 9lbs 6oz at birth. So a month into life, and Calvin is about the size we were at birth, that seems NUTS to me.

Calvin is on a pretty good 3 hour schedule through the day with eating, activitie/alert/awake time, then sleeping. He’s happiest in the morning and loves to cuddle with daddy before work. He tends to have rough evening hours, but he is by no means inconsolable.

He sleeps 3-4 hours through the night. If I’m laying him down to sleep, he has to be swaddled, but if he falls asleep being held, he ends up sleeping well, just with his arms up by his head. I recently purchased the miracle blanket, tonight will be night 2 of using it, he’s used if for naps today, and they’ve been very good naps, so hopefully we’ll start seeing some of this great miraculous sleeping at night.

Calvin naps pretty well, I’m working on getting him to go down awake and sleep in his crib for naps. I would say we are easily successful(meaning it happens within 20 minutes of us starting) about 30% of the time. He has no ability to self soothe yet, so I’m imagining it’ll only get better. Calvin has always been aware of night and days, when he wakes up to eat, he’ll go right back down(except for once early on) without any issue. He is a noisy sleeper. Partly because he’s congested, but even if he wasn’t he just makes noises. He is currently sleeping in our room still in a moses basket right next to me. When Calvin sleeps a 5 hour stretch 3 nights in a row, we’ll move him to his room, but until then, its easier for me to keep him with in arms reach for nursing.

Calvin loves his best friend window. He also likes his good friend steamy bathroom. We have been taking him into the steamy bathroom to help him breathe and suck out any snot we can, and he quite enjoys it.

Overall, having a baby is wonderful. It has been quite an adjustment, but a wonderful one. There are definitely times I’m maxed out, but all of the happy, cuddly, wonderful times outweigh the stressful times by far.

-Post Partum-

I am about 3 lbs over prepregnancy weight. I imagine those couple of pounds will hang around for a little while. Even though I’m only up 3 lbs, my belly is squishy. I’m looking forward to being able to do some sort of exercise(I wasn’t allowed to do any during pregnancy because of my cranky cervix) in hopes of getting a bit of leanness back

My incision is healing wonderfully. I’m still rubbing vitamin E capsules on it about every other day.

I’m looking forward to my 6 week post-partum appt and being able to sex up my husband. I think I’m going to go out and get some sexy lingerie. Its been far too long! I know it’ll likely hurt, but I can hardly wait. Seriously.

Maternity leave…I need to email my principal. I technically only get until Feb 19th, but they booked the sub until March, and there is no issue with double pay(my mat leave in unpaid) so I would hope that I’d be able to stay out until March. It really is just an extra 6 days or something, but who knows.

We have officially decided I am NOT going back to work next school year. So, I seriously only have like 3 months once I go back. I can do this.


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