Plans were made, rice was thrown.

A boy, man, guy, whatever you want to call him I went to highschool with, died recently. He was a 25 year old husband and a captain in the marines. He died in a helicopter crash during a training exercise. His wife also went to high school with us. This happened about ten days ago, and not a day goes by that I don’t think about it. Not a passing thought, bur a deep dwelling thought.

It is a loss that is difficult to understand, but I know that I will never understand.

truly, I find myself thinking about his wife.widowed at the age of 25. When Joseph and I were married, even before that, I made plans. I had dreams of houses, children, grandbabies. I had dreams of birthdays and anniversaries. And this girl, a year behind us in school, well, her plans are null and void. She wont have his babies. She wont celebrate anymore birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays.

don’t get me wrong, his death in general is a tragedy. But I keep thinking of having to live on, at that point in our marriage, without Joseph.

and thinking about it breaks my heart. When I said those words “til death do us part” I didn’t really mean them. What I should have said was “no dying allowed.”

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