My baby essentials

I thought I’d post products and books that we have found invaluable in these first 5 weeks of  being parents.

1. Moses Basket, or a bassinet, or a cosleeping bassinet. We just have a very basic moses basket, and we splurged for the rocking stand. I thought the rocking stand was going to be super important, but in retrospect, I which we would have just gotten a regular stand.

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We are really focused on “starting with the end in mind.” So we’re avoiding sleep props, so only once, right when we got home have I “rocked” him in his moses basket. I think this is a must have because of how close we can get it to the bed. A pack and play would work fine, but in the middle of the night, I would have to physically get out of bed to scoop Calvin up and nurse him. We pull the moses basket right up to my side of the bed, so I just have to reach over to grab him. WP_20150204_005

The reason we chose the moses basket, is for the crib. When transitioning to the crib, we can physically place the basket in the crib for a couple of nights to help transition. We haven’t done that yet(I’m hoping we’ll get a 5 hour stretch of sleep here soon!) but I think it could help.

2. Corn Starch. Just plain ole’ argo brand. Apparently most butt creams are most effective if used daily to help prevent diaper rash. Well, I didn’t know that. So by the time we started treating C’s first diaper rash, it seemed as though the creams made it worse. So we just used corn starch applied with a cotton ball to his little bummy and it was noticeable better by the next diaper change.

3. Newborn Huggies diapers. With the umbilical cord cut out. Like REALLY cut out. All the others you have to fold over, and as a new parent that seemed inefficient. 

4. Miracle blanket. We didn’t start out with the miracle blanket, we started out with the swaddleme sacks by summer infant(I think) and they worked okay. Calvin could escape them occasionally, but my main complaint is the Velcro. Calvin ends his nighttime nursing sessions very drowsy, but when you are changing a diaper 4 times a night, you have to unswaddle him, and that blasted velcro noise would wake him up every time. So we switched to the miracle blanket. It seems more restrictive, but he likes it more. It is too big to use with a newborn, its still very roomy for my 9lb 1 month old, but he can’t escape it.

5. Double swaddle technique. I actually do a variation of this. but the gist is the same. Secure the arms, then wrap the rest.

6. Baby whisperer and baby whisperer solves all your sleep problems. While I LOVED the idea of brining up bebe, for first time sleep deprived mom, I needed a SYSTEM to follow. I needed steps and instructions and how tos and help. So we are following the baby whisperers plans “begin with the end in mind.” We put him down drowsy for the most part, sometimes awake. We don’t cry it out(we’re not developmentally there yet, we have nothing again CIO, and may use it in our sleep journey, but he has no way to self soothe, so we decided it isn’t what we’re doing at this time) Calvin doesn’t get rocked to sleep, or nursed to sleep. We shush-pat to calm him if he’s fussy. We follow a bedtime/naptime routine. We have a song we sing it through twice, to the tune of “frere jaques” It goes “ Mama loves you, daddy loves you, yes we do, yes we do. You are so loved, you are so loved, yes you are, yes you are.” After that we’ll sit with Calvin for a few minutes not talking or moving, letting him relax and setting the tone for sleep. Then we’ll raise him to our shoulder(like we’re burping) and pat his back(and shush if he’s fussy) for 5-7 minutes. Then set him down awake/drowsy. If he fusses in the bed, we attempt the shush pat in the bed, but if his fussiness is escalating, we’ll pick him and start on the shoulder again.

7. Pacifiers, I went to a garage sale and this lady had every brand of paci. She tried desperately to get her son to take one, but he refused. She was selling them for a nickel a piece. I bought 1 of every kind, sanitized them, and we tried every variety. Calvin likes the mam brand 0-6 months(he spits out the newborn size.) He didn’t mind the soothies that the hospital gives you, but he could get his hands between that paci and his face and rip it out too easily.

8. Muslin blankets. I was gifted aden and anais blankets, but I also made my own muslin blankets. I would really encourage you, if you can sew a straight seam, to make some. I think they make super fun baby gifts as well. You can buy gauze from joanns or or anywhere. I bought some fun colors from, and dyed some of the white gauze I got from joanns. They’re like max $5 a blanket, as opposed to the $8 or so you pay for the aden & anais, PLUS, they’re fun colors.

9. K’tan wrap. We love our K’tan, it is easy, and allows for some great multi-tasking during cranky evening hours.

10. A humidifier.

11. Changing table/station. I thought we’d just change our baby on the floor of bed nbd, but turns out, big deal. We bought both a pack & play(just for the changing station, intially, I know we’ll need it for traveling though.) and a changing table for C’s bedroom.

Things we thought we needed but really haven’t used:

1. Swing. I know people love their swing, but were so focused o it not being a sleep prop that we don’t use it often, and because we don’t use it frequently, Calvin doesn’t like it that much.

Things we already had that Calvin loves:

1. windows. We joke and say Calvin’s best friend is Window. But seriously, boy can’t get enough of any window.

2. Mirrors. Calvin is very interested in mirrors

3. Ceiling fans.

4. Lights.

5. shower. Calvin likes the warmth of sitting in the bathroom with the shower on. He likes the noise. And likes the look of our white shower curtain glowing(we’ll put the shower light on, but leave off the main bathroom light,


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