Gas gas baby.

My baby has gas. Painful waking up from every nap screaming after 15 minutes gas. Cried in mommies arms for an hour until exhausted myself to sleep gas. Refuse to nurse BC my belly hurts so bad gas.

we’ve done gas drops intermittently, but they will now be at every feeding. Its negative degrees out, so there is no way I’m getting out, but my mom is going to pick up some gripe water to see if that works.

I’ve cried twice today, and I’ve been along with him for 2 hours and twenty minutes. I just feel so helpless.

any suggestions?
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11 thoughts on “Gas gas baby.

  1. Mackenzie is pretty gassy but we’ve finally got it where she’s not in pain anymore. She’s on gas drops before every bottle. I also do a routine of bicycling her legs for 5 seconds, holding her knees up to her tummy for 5 seconds and repeat 3-4 times. It helps her relieve the gas. Depending on how gassy she is I will do that a few times.

    My sister-in-law said she would rub the tummy in a downward motion to help when her babies had gas. I don’t think that works for Mackenzie but every baby is different.

    If I think Mackenzie needs to poop I check her anal temperature (just coat the thermometer in vaseline). If she’s even slightly backed up that will get her to poop and release some gas.

  2. Oh and another thing that has helped us is more frequent burping. Sometimes she burps 2-3 times during a bottle.

    I know you’re breastfeeding but I couldn’t remember if you’re using any formula at all. We are currently using similac sensitive and that’s made an improvement as well. It’s made for gassy/fussy babies.

    1. I hadn’t considered checking temp rectally. I’ll have to give that a shot. I’m pretty much exclusively breast feeding. We’ve started giving one bottle(the dreamfeed) but its still breast milk. And we’re very particular about burping at that feed.

  3. Yeah-I can’t remember if you’re breastfeeding exclusively. If you are this is probably moot, but my friend who has had two babies said that the Dr. Brown bottles are absolutely amazing for reducing gas problems. they’re the only ones I’ve registered for. she had a gassy and a refluxy baby for her first one, and it was a real challenge apparently until she got those-she said they’re a life saver. I don’t have any hands on experience yet, but just thought I’d pass that along 🙂

    1. We have the tommee Tipee bottles, and honestly, we only use them at the dreamfeed. I’m not sure if he is just super relaxed(bc he’s sleeping) and doesn’t suck as much air or what, but it seems like he has less issues with the bottle than he does with my breast. I wonder if my letdown is causing him issues.

  4. My poor boy went through the same thing it seemed to peak around five or six weeks and lasted until he was around ten weeks old the gas drops made my little guy much worse and the gripe water did nothing but what I did was drink chamomile tea at nights and ginger tea in the mornings and he would get it from my milk and it seemed to really help a lot but that poor boy screamed and screamed for those few weeks and it was rough I didnt think it would end but he handles gas like a pro now and smiles all day just hang in there!

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