First date post Calvin

We were suppose to go on a day date Monday the 16th since Joe had off work, but we were hit with crazy weather, so we rescheduled for the 20th evening. So yesterday I went to target to get some shoes, shirt, and tights. And a a few more bottles of gas drops. Then went to my parents and left C there for about 45 minutes so I could get my hair cut. Then headed home, nursed Calvin Joe got home, we got ready, and dropped C off at my in-laws around 5:15. His bedtime is 6, so I road in the backseat to make sure he didn’t fall asleep, but he skipped his last two naps of the day. I was actually successful until we pulled in the drive. Anywho. We left him there but we brought his Moses basket, hippo, and swaddle. I feel like my mil thought I was crazy, but I figured its anew environment, as many consistent items he has, the better he’ll do.

Joe and I kinda joked that her babysitting job consisted of feeding him a bottle at 6, changing his diaper, swaddling, singing two minutes of a lullaby, and setting him down. Then he slept until we woke him up at 10 to come home.

but we had a wonderful time. We were going to see a movie, but it got out too late(we wanted him home for his dreamfeed so the latest we could be out was about 9.) so we went to eat at a nice restaurant. We really like it, its italian and used to be one of our favorites, but then Joseph was dx with t1diabetes. So we didn’t go there for four years, but this past birthday of mine, I really wanted to go, so Joe took me there with every intention of ordering a ceasar salad, but we noticed that one of the meals had spaghetti squash as a side, so he asked if he could sub that in for pasta in their chicken carbonara, and they happily did it! So we went there, I had two glasses of wine, we got an appetizer, Joe ordered the chicken carbonara, and I decided to try something new, which was way too spicey and i didn’t like. After dinner we went to Kroger(romantic I know) to get staples for the snow storm we’re getting today. Then Starbucks. We were back at U his parents house by 9, and we just hung out there for about 45 minutes.



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