Breaking the baby.

Joseph and I joke about breaking the baby. When we say this, we are talking about encouraging behavior we don’t want to become permanent. (these are all our personal preferences, I am not in anyway discrediting these parenting styles, they just are not what we want to be the what Calvin expects.) the main one is holding while he sleeps, or until he’s asleep. Usually we put him down in his crib or basket awake, and he falls asleep. We don’t let him cry, but we will let him whimper or fuss, if he starts crying, we intervene with some back patting, shushing, maybe a strong hand
on his chest. We’ll pop the paci back in if it falls out. And if he escalates his cry, we’ll pick him up, calm him down, then try it again.

however, with these gas issues, the fact that he’s now going through the 8 week growth spurt(I nursed for two hours straight this morning), and how I have to go back to work in a week, I’m breaking the baby.

I’m holding til sleep, then holding as he sleeps. Nursing to sleep. He’s slept in our bed so far today.

but I only have 7 days left. I know I only have to work for12 weeks, then ill be home with my boy, but he’ll be five months old! So I’m going whatever I want over the next we’ve days.


also, any mommy have some insight to how growth spurts go when you are back at work? Are they hungry and cranky at daycare and extra clingy at night?

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2 thoughts on “Breaking the baby.

  1. I can’t speak to the mommy aspect of this because, well my baby is in my belly and not in my arms. That being said I spend a lot of time with my nephews. Have you tried proping Calvin up when he is sleeping? Sometimes the incline helps move gas where it needs to be rather than collecting in the belly from lying flat. I know a few ladies that have a child sleeping in the car seat for just that reason. As far as growth spurts……my nephew wasn’t fussy or anything, just ate a bit more at feeding time and slept a bit longer at map time. That’s how we can tell when he’s hitting a little spurt.

  2. I think it depends on the baby. Most of the time when dc kiddos are going through growth spurts they eat a lot more and sleep longer. We’re clearly not going through any right now because ever since I switched them to the new sleeping room…nap has kind of sucked, lol.

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