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2 month update.

Well Calvin is almost 2.5 months, but I wanted to wait until we had his check up to do his update.

he weighs 11 lbs 9 ounces (23%) and is 23.25 inches long (73%).

his favorite things are: Daddy, milk, ceiling fans, pacifiers.

he is amazing. Its no secret that having a crying screaming baby can be frustrated. But Joe and I were talking about how we can be super frustrated with the situation, and then a flip will switch and Calvin will be all sorts of happy, and we instantly forget the past hour of screaming. Its like one smile from him can erase hours of frustration.

since going diary and soy free, Calvin’s discomfort has lessened significantly. Which is helping him sleep better for naps(we get a pretty consistent 1.5 hour nap in the morning with sparkle, another 45 early afternoon, and he’ll take about an hour when I get him after work.) as far as night, the night after his 2 month appt, he slept from 730, we had an unsuccessful dreamfeed at 10, then woke up at 530! I’m not sure if that was a reaction to shots or what. The next night he slept 730, dreamfeed at 10, then woke at 330, then 630. Even if we do that 330 waking consistently its fine.

I’m back at work, which is going surprisingly well. By the time I sit down and think about how I’m not with Calvin, I only have about an hour and a half left.

as for post partum. I’m pretty consistently up 6-8lbs. I had gotten down to 3, but who knows what happens. I’m planning on starting to run here soon, so hopefully that’ll help a bit. I do feel like my body has changed. I have been heavier than this I my life, but I don’t know that I’ve been flabbier. I also feel like I’m wider, but maybe that’s just because I went from being so thick to flat, so I feel wider. I’m able to fit into my prepregnancy clothes, and don’t look completely terrible. However I’ve had to go shopping for some more work clothes BC I didn’t have any no maternity, and shopping is always a struggle for me.

I’ll post a pic of Calvin and myself this afternoon when I’m home, hopefully ill remember.
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Dairy free?

Calvin is in some discomfort. He has very painful gas, some silent reflux, mucousy stools. So the pediatrician said it could be silent reflux, and gave us a Zantac rx. She suggested that I also try a dairy free diet. She suggested I try dairy first, BC it doesn’t present as typical reflux. She thinks it may be milk-soy-protein-intolerance. So I’m dairy free for at least the next ten days. If we are seeing improvement(which we already are) dairy free until he’s at least 6 months, then I can start reintroducing dairy. If it’ll help his discomfort it’ll so be worth it.

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