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I have a medela pump in style advanced(through insurance) when I pump at work, I usually get 8-10 ounces out. By the time I am able to pump, it has been 4.5 hours since I nursed. So my question is, how long does it take you to pump? In order to empty my breasts at work, it takes me 25-30 minutes. Even when I wake up and pump them empty after nursing one side, it’ll take me 25 or minutes. Am I doing something wrong? Everywhere I read online, and the consensus says it takes 10-15 to empty both sides, I’m at almost double that. Any input?

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Last Easter, we skipped family parties. We skipped them because it was the weekend our baby was due(4/19/2014) this Easter, we are holding our first earthly child. Every day I miss our first baby, and I wholeheartedly love our first baby. But I know, if we had that first baby, we wouldn’t have Calvin. This time last year, we were in our Calvin Conception Cycle, 359 days ago, we did our iui that resulted in our baby boy. There are so many mixed emotions when thinking about our babies.


So Calvin is 14 weeks today, he is not sleeping through the night, and he is not napping well. He’ll take 3-4 20-40 minute naps a day. Which is an improvement. But I am completely at a loss for how to extend his naps. Ok truthfully, I can hold him and he’ll nap 1-2 hours, or if he naps in our bed, he’ll sleep 1.5+ hours. My latest theory is that his bed is too hard. We have a pillow top and I’m cushy, so maybe he doesn’t like his hard mattress. I tucked a nice soft blanket into the sides of the crib to see if it makes a difference.

also, I feel like I want him in his crib,but I am the biggest scaredy cat and convince myself, pretty frequently that there are burglars burgling our house, every night. Let me tell you something about our house, out of all the houses to burgle in our neighborhood, ours is the least ideal. There is no way to burgle it without us clearly knowing. (also, our back door neighbors are out of town m-f every week. If you want an easy burgle, that’s the house for you.)

Calvin has a cold right now. So our ped told me to put Calvin down for a nap, and don’t get him until its time to eat. But everytime I get ready to do this, Calvin gets sick. Any suggestions? Also he’s still eating during the day every 2.75-3 hours, and it sounds like when I’m at work, he needs that, but its like I’ve forgotten how to read his cues and I’m so focused on the clock. He’s also eating terribly BC of this cold.

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Easter 2015

Ast Easter we skipped. It was the birth weekend of our first child. This Easter weekend, I held my second child, but first born and worshipped the King celebrating the resurrection. Last year at time felt hopeless, this year I feel redeemed.


other than Easter, Calvin has a bad cold. I know I’ve been a bad blogger, there has been alot going on over here on top of having a baby. I’ll leave you with a pic or two of Calvin’s Easter basket..I made his basketliner, and the bunny is made from his hospital receiving blanket, with the ears made from his hospital hat, with all his birth stats.
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