So Calvin is 14 weeks today, he is not sleeping through the night, and he is not napping well. He’ll take 3-4 20-40 minute naps a day. Which is an improvement. But I am completely at a loss for how to extend his naps. Ok truthfully, I can hold him and he’ll nap 1-2 hours, or if he naps in our bed, he’ll sleep 1.5+ hours. My latest theory is that his bed is too hard. We have a pillow top and I’m cushy, so maybe he doesn’t like his hard mattress. I tucked a nice soft blanket into the sides of the crib to see if it makes a difference.

also, I feel like I want him in his crib,but I am the biggest scaredy cat and convince myself, pretty frequently that there are burglars burgling our house, every night. Let me tell you something about our house, out of all the houses to burgle in our neighborhood, ours is the least ideal. There is no way to burgle it without us clearly knowing. (also, our back door neighbors are out of town m-f every week. If you want an easy burgle, that’s the house for you.)

Calvin has a cold right now. So our ped told me to put Calvin down for a nap, and don’t get him until its time to eat. But everytime I get ready to do this, Calvin gets sick. Any suggestions? Also he’s still eating during the day every 2.75-3 hours, and it sounds like when I’m at work, he needs that, but its like I’ve forgotten how to read his cues and I’m so focused on the clock. He’s also eating terribly BC of this cold.

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3 thoughts on “Sleep?!

  1. Gus nursed every 2-3 hours pretty much until he started eating solids consistently, probably around 6 months, so I think that’s pretty normal.

    As far as sleeping through the night, how long does he usually go for? Medically speaking, sleeping through the night is considered around 6 hours.

    1. I forgot to add, I’m zero help in the nap department. I hold Gus or lay with him for any naps that aren’t in the car. It was the only way I could ever get him to sleep for a decent amount of time, so you’re not alone!

  2. The thing that worked for us to get Mackenzie to sleep through the night was figuring out that she gets tired around 7-7:30pm and that is now her bedtime. She started out going 7-8 hours and now has extended that to 9-12 hours. I honestly think I was keeping her up too late at night and it was affecting her sleep patterns. I have her crib mattress raised too so she’s on an incline after her bedtime bottle and that really seemed to help. She has learned to self soothe (now uses her thumb if she’s spit the paci out). I know every baby is different and what works for some doesn’t work for others.

    As for naps, it’s still a crap shoot for us. One day she’ll take a long nap and the next day she cat naps. My daycare provider said that most babies get on a nap schedule around 6 months where they’ll have a morning nap and afternoon nap. Until then I kind of just go with Mackenzie’s cues. She gets cranky when she’s tired. I also use the rock and play as the main nap place in the house. I know some say they should nap in their cribs but right now I want her to know the crib is for bedtime.

    Good luck and I hope the nights and naps get better for you!

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