Monthly Archives: May 2015

I’m here.

I’m here. The WordPress app did some update which didn’t work on my phone, but I have a new phone, and now it works. So expect to see me posting more! I’ve read as much as I have been able to, and I’m excited to be able to keep up with you all more!

where we are:

Calvin is five months old. At his four month appt(a month ago) he was 14lbs 4oz (17percentile) and 26.5 inches long(91percentile.) he’s wearing 6 and 6-9 month clothes.

He is eating every three hours, wakes up at six am(working on this, more on that later) eats 6, 9, noon, 3pm, 6pm bedtime at 7 with a dreamfeed at 930-10. He started sleeping through the night at the beginning of April. We went through the sleep regression about two weeks ago, during that time we weaned the swaddle, so he’s now sleeping without a swaddle. We are still breast feeding, he’s doing very well, and while percentilewise, he’s in the teens for weight, it’s very consistent with his growth curve, so no worries. We are holding off on solids until after July 4th. My pediatrician told me I can wait until he’s 6 months old(which would be 6/30) but we’ll be on vacation until the fourth, and I’d rather now have to worry about baby food on the beach.

milestones, Calvin has not rolled from back to belly, but he will roll from belly to back. He loves sitting up in your lap or bumbo. Sometimes we’ll put him in his highchair and he tolerates that, but its a little too unsupportive. He likes play on his play gym, and is starting to like the excersaucer. He loves being worn in the tula, or the explore(I think is what its called) wear with the k’tan. He giggles over everything, gives away smiles like they’re candy, and talks and talks. When he’s happy he uses b’s (bah beh bih boy buh) and h’s (hu, ha huh ho.) when he’s upset its mamamamama. It makes me excited that he is saying mama, even if it is just babbling, its sweet to hear his little voice.

I am doing well, I’m done with work for at least the summer(maybe for a good while longer.) I’ve officially resigned from my teaching position, but told my principal, and my ap(who is going to be principal of a different school) if they come up with a part time/job share type situation, I’m interested. But if not, no big deal😃.

I’ve started running occasionally, I start cross fit again in the morning. I have kinda settled about 7-10lbs up from prepregnancy, size wise I’m the same, but my body has changed(imagine that!) I’m sure four or five of that is my boobs/milk, but id like to get down. Were going to the beach in about a month, and I’m excited, but I’d like to feel a bit more confident.

I ended up with a few stretch marks on my love handles and a little one on my belly coming off my appendectomy scar(which I’ve heard is pretty common.) I’m debating getting a high rise bikini for the beach, but I’m not certain how it’ll look. Really I just need a bathing suit that i can easily nurse in.

now that I’m on summer break, my goal is to get some consistent naps(my mom calls Calvin “Calvin-no-nap”) and to shift the wake up time to seven.

we are still doing foster care ish. We said at our home visit last week we are re-opened, but just doing respite. We actually did respite Friday night for a 6&7 year old, and Tuesday and Wednesday ill have 2 & 4 year old girls during the day.

I have not gotten my cycle back yet, but the tentative plan is not prevent until C is a year, if I don’t have my cycle back by 9 months, I’ll wean. Start ttc January 2016, if no bfp we’ll iui in March.