Fussing it out

we have started to let Calvin fuss-it-out. If he gets to screaming crying we go in and offer comfort/paci. We realized if we rush in an plug the boy with his Pac, his frustration grows, its almost like he’s gotta burn off some of his extra energy through his fussing. We have definitely learned his mantra cry, its a wehoh wehoh wehoh, ill try and post a video of it soon.

With fussing it out he usually enters into his mantra cry phase within 3-5 minutes and may mantra cry for another 10-15, it isn’t usually that long unless we missed his window of sleepiness.

When we out him down, we hold him, sing our song, then put him down. For comfort, Calvin likes to feel skin to skin contact. So he doesn’t like the hand on his chest, of patting the back, he wants our hand cupping his face. He’ll snuggle into it and calm way down. Occasionally, he’ll get super worked up, and then we have to do squats with him until calm.

today in trying to really focus on naps and figure out what his optimal awake time is.


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