Crying it out

today we start crying it out. We are doing the extinction method, save me any lectures/opinions. This has been the hardest decision I’ve had to make so far. Mainly BC of these “studies” that say crying it out damages brain cells. Well after extensive research, those studies are correct. Crying for extensive periods of time(ie neglected not twenty minutes in my own bed with my lovey and pacifier) can raise cortisol levels, which can damage brain cells. But Calvin isn’t neglected. There are studies show the starting daycare can raise coritsol levels in babies and toddlers. Cortisol levels are raised with immunizations, doctors visits, being watched by a babysitter. Cortisol levels are triggered by stressful situations. Babies and children will go through many stressful situations, every stressful situation does not damage brain cells. If a child is left to CIO for days with needs unmet. That is not the CIO we are doing.

We came to the decision to CIO after months of shot naps, but even on top of that, we have never rocked or nursed to sleep. We don’t use and sleep props, but Calvin has been taking consistently longer to fall asleep. Yesterday I put him in his crib drowsy, and worked with patting his back, rubbing his face, and other methods of soothing for 40 minutes, where he screamed the whole time. He swats my hands away, he is frustrated with me trying to help him sleep. So we are hoping he will learn to sleep. Today is the beginning, hopefully we are successful, and soon.


3 thoughts on “Crying it out

  1. Good luck! We had success with CIO so just know you’re not alone. I now have a wonderful little nighttime sleeper on my hands because of it. We only had to do it for a week so I hope you have a similar experience.

  2. I am a big fan of the cry it out method and it has worked for me with several kids. I always recommend it to my daycare parents when they’re having difficulties getting their children to sleep.

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