CIO update 2

we have been doing cry it out for six days. It has taken a bit of figuring out what it would look like for us. Initially, i thought we would do the extinction method(he cries, no intervention.) we were having crying lasting 30-60 minutes and it was heart wrenching. So I stopped that. Now, when hes been up 1.5-2 hours(75 minutes first thing in the morning) I sing him his lullaby, put on his hippo cloud b star projector, and put him in crib awake (drowsy doesn’t work for Calvin.) he has a paci, and several more throughout his bed. I then leave and wait and watch. I let him fuss and cry and when his hands go up and he starts rubbing his eyes, I’ll go in and replace his paci if he needs it, and he’ll drift off. This morning he babbled(no fussing) for 8 minutes, he started rubbing his eyes, I went in replace the paci, and left. By the time I was back in the living room and looking at the monitor, he was asleep.

now, our naps aren’t long, and we aren’t super rigid BC we still have to do life. Sunday he took his first nap at home in his crib, and the other two he was in the tula for. Then Tuesday he napped in the church nursery during my bible study(meaning it could have been in a swing, in someone’s arms, a rock n play.) and yesterday I was super exhausted and wanted to nap, so I pulled C into bed with me for his afternoon nap. He’ll sleep for 20-40 minutes in his crib, but in my bed cuddled up with me, he slept for an hour and forty five minutes.

I’m not sure how to extend naps, but we’ll wait til after vacation to deal with them.

So ultimately, CIO has worked for us, but we have adjusted out methods to better suit Calvin’s needs.


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