Stress and milk supply

so, I’m overwhelmed and stressed. Mainly due to the loss of my brother and his family, but there are several other things playing into it.

it has been super stormy here recently, and yesterday, our house was struck by lightening. This blew a fuse in our ac, and fried our tv, router, and modem. And my FIL was working in the basement and switched our sump pump to a different outlet. Well it stormed again last night and we woke up to an inch of water in our basement.

so, all of this stress has lead me to believe my supply might be taking a hit. Calvin has been almost inconsolable at times recently and begging for the breast. I was trying to be super nonchalant about supplementing, BC truthfully it’s nbd. So tonight I gave him four ounces of Similac, the same formula we used when he was a newborn. And with ten minutes he had a crazy rash, and was gagging and trying to vomit. So we called the on all nurse and she said it was our call. So BC I’m all super paranoid, we went to the ER. The Dr said hes likely allergic to the formula. So there goes my easy breezy attitude, I’ve gotta get my supply up. I may be waking at four am to pump. Ugh.


6 thoughts on “Stress and milk supply

  1. I’m so sorry for everything you’re going through. I get my best pump around 5:00 am (when I make myself do it). I hope you’re able to get your supply back up-that’s the last thing you need to worry about right now.

  2. Is he inconsolable like cluster feeding or different? I know there’s a 6 month growth spurt that happens.

    Stress is a beast! I can’t imagine how much you’ve been under recently!! Now add this in there too. My word. Good luck with the supply. If you can, try to get some rest.

    Sending more hugs.

  3. I can’t imagine the stress you’re under. Eat oatmeal and up your fluid intake. That might help. I can’t believe your house was struck by lightening.

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