Hardest week of my life

This past week was the hardest of my life. I am so thankful for all the sweet words and condolences, I’m sorry I didn’t respond back to each of you individually, it was just too hard.

They are gone, and we are here. I told my sister, its is a very selfish sadness I have. Because they’re together, and happy, and wonderful. So I’m not sad they’re there, I’m sad that I don’t get to live my life with them.

My sisters wedding is in 7 weeks, so we’re focusing on that. My older brother will be home from Cambodia in a month an that will be great too.

the first year will be the hardest. Thanksgiving to January 3rd will likely be the very hardest. obviously the holidays, but their baby was due 12/27, my nieces birthday was 1/1, and my brothers birthday was 1/3.


4 thoughts on “Hardest week of my life

    1. He has been charged with three counts of vehicular manslaughter 2nd degree. It could be upped to 1st degree pending the results of his tox screen. He had 19 vehicle violations in the last two years, and has been arrested 9 times in the last six. He came out of this whole accident with minor injuries, where my brother, sil and niece were killed and bodies burned beyond recognition.

  1. Sending much love to you! You will make it through it even if your heart longs to see them again. Hang onto the fond memories. They will keep you going. Know that they are watching over you. XO

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