supply and allergies.

so I have been try my hardest to get my supply back up. I’ve been eating and drink, I’ve been pumping after two feedings a day. I did a whole day in bed skin to skin with Calvin letting him nurse whenever he wanted. I’ve been power pumping the last two nights. I finally took Calvin to the pediatrician BC of his hives, hes had them pretty much daily. She thinks it sounds like a milk allergy. Which if you recall, I did milk and soy free diet until Calvin was 5 months BC of a suspected allergy. So she gave me some samples of alimentum BC he’s hasn’t gained weight. In fact he actually lost weight. At his six month(7/6) appt naked he weighed 16 lbs 1 oz. Then when I took him in (7/28) he weighed clothed with a diaper 16lbs 2oz. So she gave us formula to supplement with, bit ofcourse he wont eat it. Like gags and dry heaves if I put the bottle in his mouth. So that’s discouraging. She did say we can offer the solid foods he has had before the initial reaction(avocados, carrots, banana.) and he has allergy tested Monday August 3. I’m praying so hard it isn’t a milk allergy, BC that is going to make things super difficult and stressful if my supply doesn’t rebound. Who knows.


4 thoughts on “supply and allergies.

    1. I haven’t tried herbs yet, I’m calling the lactation consultant Friday. My ped said not to try any other formula, other than the alimentum, until allergy testing. I’m hoping we’ll be able to find a solution here:)

  1. Can you get a prescription of Domperidone in your country? It helps ramp up the supply quickl;y. If its not allowed, try Fenugreek capsules, heard they help.
    Good luck!

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