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Trying for number 2

I am 7 months pp, and no cycle. I am PRAYING I get my cycle in the next couple of months. I guess if my September I don’t have my cycle, I’ll wean, but that makes me sad to think about. but…we want another baby. So… Hopefully I get my cycle by September. I think I’m willing to try naturally for three months, then go see my RE and dive right back into it. We’ll start with an IUI this time. I’m just questioning if perhaps my cervix is bad. I mean, the first IUI(by-passing the cervix) we got knocked up, then I had all sorts of cervical issues during pregnancy, and I’m wondering if somehow my cervix is just sucky. Is it reasonable to TTC for 3 months before going back to an RE? I just don’t want to waste time.

Also, what if I wean and no period? Do I go then? I know some of you have been in the position(or will be soon) and want opinions. I joke with Joe that I want a baby October/November which he replies “because we’re really good at planning these things.” We haven’t been preventing at all thee past seven months, and I know you can get pregnant without having a period. But I’m just ready for my cycle to be back.

Calvin has been sleeping through the night and going 10 hours without nursing for 4 months now. We’re down to five nursings a day. He isn’t sleeping in bed with me. So if I completely stop nursing, how long do I give it before I have a period?

allergy testing

Calvin did allergy testing today. It sucked. It was sad a bit yes, but what really sucked was having to hold him when he was upset from the testing for fifteen minutes without touching his back. That was hard. Anyways, he is NOT allergic to milk! Praise the lord. He did mildly react to eggs, both yolk and white. The allergist said we can continue to give him and introduce him to foods with eggs baked in, but hold off of eggs and French toast until hes 1.5-2 years old. He also said given that the hives lasted almost two weeks, it sounds more like a virus or a delayed reaction to his 6th month immunizations. The allergist said we can use formula again, regular formula, but ease into it. Like an ounce of formula the rest expressed breast milk for a few days, then up it to a couple ounces, etc. Whew. So that’s that.

here’s a shot of our dinners. We’re doiing baby lead weaning. So Calvin gad avocado, carrot, banana, and blueberry puffs. Joe and I had asparagus, brussell sprouts, zuchini, and squash with chicken-spinach-gets sausage.


my insurance provided me with a pump in style advance for free. But by June, it was taking me significantly longer to pump, I was getting significantly less out, and it was hurting. I think BC I was having to pump 45-60 minutes to get out what I use to be able to pump out on 25-30. So I really quit pumping. I’m staying at home now, so I didn’t think it wad that big of a deal. Then enter in losing my brother, sister in law, and niece, and all the supply issues I’m having. Then the fact that Calvin may be allergic to formula, I’ve got to pump. To get my supply up, but also to rebuild my freezer stash. (I’ve got a weekend away coming up at the end of August.) so I bought the spectra s2. Its hospital grade and a closed system. But what I like most is that it doesn’t hurt.

the suction and speed are independently controlled so I can increase the suction, but leave the speed at the speed of my milk flow. The flanges seem to fit me better as well. I also like that it has a timer and light. And it is considerably quieter. I’m having to wake up in the morning around four to pump, and with the night light and how quiet it is, I can just pump in bed, instead of having to go out to the living room.

I would like an extra couple sets of bottles, but I haven’t figured out where to get them, or if there is a brand of bottles locally that will fit. Currently I’m pumping out 10-15 ounces in the morning. I freeze in increments of 7. So ill freeze however many “bottles” I have, then transfer the remaining milk into the medela storage bottles until next time.

I do really like the spectra, it is significantly cheaper than the medela if you have to buy outright. My medela still work, and I’m planning on keeping it, and maybe will try it again when I get my supply back up.

can you build up a resistance to pumping?

in other news, I felt really crampy and nauseous the last couple of days. Last night I woke up soaked in sweat. I just had my annual this past Tuesday, and they dip a stick in your urine sample, so I’m not pregnant. Truthfully, it feels like my body is trying to start my period, but it can’t. My last menstrual period was march 29 2014. But if you recall, I bled until September of my pregnancy, so besides pp bleeding, I’ve almost been bleed free for a year. I asked my ob, and she said my cervix looks perfectly normal, so that’s good.

the initial plan was to wean at the end of September if I didn’t have my cycle. But if I can’t wean yo formula, that may not be possible. Who knows. We are going to go see our RE in January and try to get knocked up asap. January would give us a sept baby, Feb Oct, march November. If we aren’t pregnant by then, we’d probably skip ttc in April. But that’s a good while away.

losing my brother, sister in law, and niece, and then we just got news my grandfather has two months(estimating) has given me a new urge to procreate. At family dinners, there used to be 12. We had to add a card table to the end to have enough seats, but even that wouldn’t be enough with Calvin starting to sit in a high chair. Now all the sudden we’re back down to nine. Which is alot still, but significantly less. So I want to get our numbers headed the right direction again.