allergy testing

Calvin did allergy testing today. It sucked. It was sad a bit yes, but what really sucked was having to hold him when he was upset from the testing for fifteen minutes without touching his back. That was hard. Anyways, he is NOT allergic to milk! Praise the lord. He did mildly react to eggs, both yolk and white. The allergist said we can continue to give him and introduce him to foods with eggs baked in, but hold off of eggs and French toast until hes 1.5-2 years old. He also said given that the hives lasted almost two weeks, it sounds more like a virus or a delayed reaction to his 6th month immunizations. The allergist said we can use formula again, regular formula, but ease into it. Like an ounce of formula the rest expressed breast milk for a few days, then up it to a couple ounces, etc. Whew. So that’s that.

here’s a shot of our dinners. We’re doiing baby lead weaning. So Calvin gad avocado, carrot, banana, and blueberry puffs. Joe and I had asparagus, brussell sprouts, zuchini, and squash with chicken-spinach-gets sausage.


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