Trying for number 2

I am 7 months pp, and no cycle. I am PRAYING I get my cycle in the next couple of months. I guess if my September I don’t have my cycle, I’ll wean, but that makes me sad to think about. but…we want another baby. So… Hopefully I get my cycle by September. I think I’m willing to try naturally for three months, then go see my RE and dive right back into it. We’ll start with an IUI this time. I’m just questioning if perhaps my cervix is bad. I mean, the first IUI(by-passing the cervix) we got knocked up, then I had all sorts of cervical issues during pregnancy, and I’m wondering if somehow my cervix is just sucky. Is it reasonable to TTC for 3 months before going back to an RE? I just don’t want to waste time.

Also, what if I wean and no period? Do I go then? I know some of you have been in the position(or will be soon) and want opinions. I joke with Joe that I want a baby October/November which he replies “because we’re really good at planning these things.” We haven’t been preventing at all thee past seven months, and I know you can get pregnant without having a period. But I’m just ready for my cycle to be back.

Calvin has been sleeping through the night and going 10 hours without nursing for 4 months now. We’re down to five nursings a day. He isn’t sleeping in bed with me. So if I completely stop nursing, how long do I give it before I have a period?


2 thoughts on “Trying for number 2

  1. Gosh. Who knows. My cycle came back three months in with nursing and pumping. My friend didn’t get hers back for a year. The body will decide I guess.

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