Sickened by a hashtag

I’m sure you know the one. Curiousity got the best of me and perused twitter for about 30 minutes. I feel sick to my stomach.  Not just because of the infertility business. I also cannot pass judgment on those women who are using this hashtag. But right now, it sure is hard.

I had a baby taken from me. Evacuated from my uterus entirely too soon. But even before then, before the struggle to conceive.

I will take all your babies. Every last one of them.

*Let me be clear, I know there are medical life endangering situations, this is not what I am talking about. When I went in for my surgery of because of my crazy bleedy bleedy cervix, Joseph and I had made the decision IF it was a choice between me or Calvin, it would be me. That wasn’t giving them permission to kill Calvin, but it one of us was going to die… well you get it. I know some women have ectopic pregnancies that have to be taken care of, or other medical conditions, this is not what I’m upset about. I’m upset about convenience being a factor. I know many of you will likely have differing opinions, and that’s ok.


3 thoughts on “Sickened by a hashtag

  1. I can relate. Our ectopic was life threatening for me and baby wasn’t going to make it. That decision was MUCH easier to make. BUT, I would also take all the other babies. Going through IVF and learning more about embryo development has given me a completely different outlook on when life begins. I just couldn’t do it myself. That’s my personal choice though.

  2. Not sure what you are talking about, since I am not on twitter, but I cannot judge any woman who has had an abortion for whatever non-medical reason. I agree its life vs death for a little human that cannot defend itself, but then its also bringing on to earth a life that cannot defend itself and possibly not loved and left to die/ survivr abuse/ who knows what else! Anyway I digress but as you say yes it hurts and rather than abortion as right of feminism what should be talked about more is abstinence if you are not ready to own the consequences or at least safe sex. sex is not something we should “experiment with for fun”‘if you cannot own the responsibility of the outcome.

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