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pp period

I’m 10 months post partum. Nursing three times a day. For the last week I have been have bad menstrual cramps. Several days having to bench myself from activities. I’ve been using a heating pad and taking Aleve around the clock, and if I am late for the aleve, they come on strong and quick. I’ve taken a hpt it was negative. I’m currently out of town until Tuesday, but if this is still happening then, I think I’m going to call my ob. Anyone out there have similar experiences?

and we’re a go.

So Joe and I tried to close our home after my brothers family was killed. We emailed our worker, and didn’t hear anything. Until about a week later she sent a mad email saying she had quit, and we would all have new workers. Well, apparently our old worker didn’t pass on that we were wanting to close, so we were contacted by a new worker about a week ago, saying we had to get our visit in this month. I quickly avoided all contact, but she kept at it, using every mode of communication. So I told Joe, and suggested that maybe we weren’t meant to close our home. So we took a week, prayed, and thought about it. And now we’re open again. Bring on the babies. I said 2 and under, but I know they’ll call for all ages.

I really like our new worker, she seems to get it more. At her old job, she was the head honcho over her region of social workers, so she has some great ideas, and is focused on not making it anymore difficult for foster parents than it has to be. Hopefully we’ll have a kiddo or two in here soon.


So Calvin is almost 10 months old. I am really struggling with nursing. He’ll nurse fine in the morning, but it is a FIGHT to get him to nurse any other time. He even refuses bottles. He currently nurses at 7am, around 11:30am, then around 3:30-4pm, then we bottle at 7pm. So far today he has nursed at 7:30 am, and that’s it. It is 1:30pm. That’s 6 hours. I’ve tried to nurse, he is just not interested. What do I do? What can I do? I am TIRED of fighting him, but I know he has to eat. He eats three meals a day, and pretty decently sized. At breakfast he’ll eat an entire bowl of oatmeal(and full adult serving) and I even mix it with fruit or veggies, so he’s also getting a serving of fruit or veggies. Lunch, he’ll suck down a fruit or veggie pouch and eat off my plate. Dinner he’ll eat whatever we’re eating. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

need some comfort.

Calvin is tall. Or was tall. He has consistently measured 90% since 1month old. Today we had his 9 month appt. And he didn’t grow. His weight increased 1.5lbs. But his head only increased .5cm. But he height, nothing. He was 28 inches at 6 months, and he’s still 28 inches. He went from 97% to 25%. The ped said not to worry, and really I guess I’m not, but I can’t help googling. Anyone out there with similar experiences?

infertility snob.

my sister in law, who got pregnant with the first month of trying after we had been trying seven months, alleged that they deserved it more than I did. Well that same sister in law has been trying for number two since her first once turned one. She came to me this past spring saying she had been told she was lucky with the first and that she was dealing with secondary infertility, and she now knows exactly what we went through. She asked for my REs number which I happily gave to her. Her ob gave her clomid, but she only took it one day and then stopped BC she couldn’t deal with the side effects. She saw my re, and yesterday, at her sons second birthday announced she was pregnant, and it frustrated me a bit.

that’s when I realized I’m an infertility snob. I know our relationship is complicated(telling me they deserved it more…) but all I was thinking was “10 months, it took you 10 months to get pregnant.”

oh. My. Goodness. How righteous and arrogant do I sound?! She didn’t have yo struggle like struggled, so really its no big deal? Pride.

so clearly I need to get over myself. Her struggle is real, and independent of my struggle.

also, her being pregnant makes me want to be pregnant in the next five months. Look, I knows its crazy. Calvin has two cousins on Joe’s side within 14 months. The oldest B is 14 months older. Then A is 6 months older. So even though A is closer in age to Calvin, A and B will be a grade above Calvin. So my next baby I want to have a cousin in they’re same grade. Who knows. Still no period, and im only nursing 3 times a day(7, 1130, 4) and I feel like I need to ttc on my own a bit before seeking help.