infertility snob.

my sister in law, who got pregnant with the first month of trying after we had been trying seven months, alleged that they deserved it more than I did. Well that same sister in law has been trying for number two since her first once turned one. She came to me this past spring saying she had been told she was lucky with the first and that she was dealing with secondary infertility, and she now knows exactly what we went through. She asked for my REs number which I happily gave to her. Her ob gave her clomid, but she only took it one day and then stopped BC she couldn’t deal with the side effects. She saw my re, and yesterday, at her sons second birthday announced she was pregnant, and it frustrated me a bit.

that’s when I realized I’m an infertility snob. I know our relationship is complicated(telling me they deserved it more…) but all I was thinking was “10 months, it took you 10 months to get pregnant.”

oh. My. Goodness. How righteous and arrogant do I sound?! She didn’t have yo struggle like struggled, so really its no big deal? Pride.

so clearly I need to get over myself. Her struggle is real, and independent of my struggle.

also, her being pregnant makes me want to be pregnant in the next five months. Look, I knows its crazy. Calvin has two cousins on Joe’s side within 14 months. The oldest B is 14 months older. Then A is 6 months older. So even though A is closer in age to Calvin, A and B will be a grade above Calvin. So my next baby I want to have a cousin in they’re same grade. Who knows. Still no period, and im only nursing 3 times a day(7, 1130, 4) and I feel like I need to ttc on my own a bit before seeking help.


4 thoughts on “infertility snob.

  1. Me too-I get it. I find myself having to bite my tongue sometimes when people act like they’ve struggled with very little….struggling. I’m always having to tell myself it’s not a competition-there are no pain Olympics here.

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