need some comfort.

Calvin is tall. Or was tall. He has consistently measured 90% since 1month old. Today we had his 9 month appt. And he didn’t grow. His weight increased 1.5lbs. But his head only increased .5cm. But he height, nothing. He was 28 inches at 6 months, and he’s still 28 inches. He went from 97% to 25%. The ped said not to worry, and really I guess I’m not, but I can’t help googling. Anyone out there with similar experiences?


12 thoughts on “need some comfort.

    1. He was actually laying surprisingly still. But I know what you mean, if he wants to move, he won’t be still.

      1. I know its worrying, but one reading off the chart means nothing. Is he out growing his pants? And otherwise a normal
        Kid? Maybe keep a close eye and if it helps maybe a second opinion?

  1. A friend of mine had the same issue with her daughter’s weight. From 9 months to 12 months she only gained a few ounces.

    My pediatrician has said over and over that measurements are not all that accurate because babies move and people measure differently.

    If your pediatrician isn’t worried, then I wouldn’t be either.

    1. That give me some comfort. I know he’s healthy and hitting milestones, but its hard not to get hung up on these things.

    1. Yes, the pediatrician remeasure several times. I’m thinking maybe he was measured a bit wrong last time. Oh well.:)

  2. That happened to me at that age. I’m now taller than our doctor predicted. So, it probably really is nothing to worry about but I’d be worried too. It’s the mom nature.

    1. Thank you for your sweet words of comfort. I know baby’s can do werid things. I’m glad to hear first hand.

  3. Oliver didn’t gain a single lb all summer. From 12 – 15 months, not 1lb. I was freaked out because he was eating SO MUCH. My pediatrician assured me that this has mou to do with metabolism and activity, etc. I don’t know. He grew taller, so that’s something. I guess it can ebb & flow. I’ll wait to really worry until our 18 month checkup. If he still weighs less than 21lbs, I don’t know what I’ll do, but I’ll do something. Lol. I guess what I’m saying is, give it time.

  4. Echoing everyone else, I bet 6 month was off. Our ped nurse measures all over. She grew three inches one month, then one inch in two months. Even the ped says measurements can be off. You can measure him at home and keep track.

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