and we’re a go.

So Joe and I tried to close our home after my brothers family was killed. We emailed our worker, and didn’t hear anything. Until about a week later she sent a mad email saying she had quit, and we would all have new workers. Well, apparently our old worker didn’t pass on that we were wanting to close, so we were contacted by a new worker about a week ago, saying we had to get our visit in this month. I quickly avoided all contact, but she kept at it, using every mode of communication. So I told Joe, and suggested that maybe we weren’t meant to close our home. So we took a week, prayed, and thought about it. And now we’re open again. Bring on the babies. I said 2 and under, but I know they’ll call for all ages.

I really like our new worker, she seems to get it more. At her old job, she was the head honcho over her region of social workers, so she has some great ideas, and is focused on not making it anymore difficult for foster parents than it has to be. Hopefully we’ll have a kiddo or two in here soon.


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