pp period

I’m 10 months post partum. Nursing three times a day. For the last week I have been have bad menstrual cramps. Several days having to bench myself from activities. I’ve been using a heating pad and taking Aleve around the clock, and if I am late for the aleve, they come on strong and quick. I’ve taken a hpt it was negative. I’m currently out of town until Tuesday, but if this is still happening then, I think I’m going to call my ob. Anyone out there have similar experiences?


9 thoughts on “pp period

    1. Well then:) ill take another test Tues morning when I get back home. I dont usually cramp badly with my periods ill have one day of annoying cramps, nothing like this. So maybe its another baby, wouldn’t that be wonderful? Thanks for your reply.

      1. no baby, just weird cramps. They stopped Sunday. I’ve heard some women have phantom period cramps. Like the time of the month when they should be on their period, they have cramps. Who knows?!

      2. Aw sorry. 😦

        That makes sense. Even before my cycle came back, I had a dip in milk supply every month and other little symptoms that made me think I was probably around period time. The body is amazing and weird!

  1. At 6 months pp, I spotted very l ugh try for 3 days. Light cramping. Negative HPT. Nothing since. Jude still nurses like 8 times a day.

    I had nothing like what you’re describing but still totally weird. Post partum bodies are crazy.

    1. I had one day of spotting at like 3 months pp. And I threw a fit! I didn’t want my period yet, but here I am 10 months pp, and I’d kinda like it back.

      1. I’m good not having it yet but it will be much easier to track ovulation with it back once at that point.

        Hopefully you can get a positive HPT soon. Skip the whole tracking thing.

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