doing better

last time I posted, I was going to crazy. This fall I was in a bible study and they talked about how powerful a prayer journal can be. I’m not a journaler. I’m not even a very good blogger these days. But I gave it a shot. The power of writing down specific sin that I need help with, wow, that’s humbling. To have them written, in pen, in my journal, sitting on my couch, it was scary. But I’ve done it. The main one was being content with what I have and trusting Gods plan for our family. This doesn’t mean we wont seek treatment, but for now, I’m much more relaxed.

I am approaching when I *think* ill be ovulating, but I have no idea really when. My app I use to track my periods alerted me Saturday cd9 that I was entering my fertile phase. I just laughed BC if I’m remembering correctly, the only time I ovulated before cd18 was when we were medicated and I triggered, so I know its possible my body reset itself, it seems unlikely. We’ll have sex when we want to, and that’s perfectly fine with me.


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